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Dr. Sam Muslin, a prominent California bite reconstruction dentist, announces a gentle alternative to jaw surgery for people with overbites and small chins. Overbites – in which upper teeth overlap the lower teeth – make the lower jaw look smaller. His non-surgical Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® method involves no pain, anesthesia, wires or long recovery period. 

“Jaw surgery is not everybody’s cup of tea,” says Dr. Muslin. “Who has time for that? Certainly not full-time students or baby boomers in the middle of their careers! This is a fast and effective way to improve your small chin and profile without orthognathic surgery, chin implants or the need for prescription painkillers.”

Dr. Muslin has perfected bite revision using VENLAY® restoration, a patent-pending bonding technique that builds up teeth to optimize jaw position. He improves your small chin and profile without surgery or chin implants.

Dr. Muslin evaluates face shape, jaw joint mechanics, and profile, using complex motion tomography. He determines the ideal jaw position for his patients, then removes old dentistry and uses VENLAYs to reshape natural teeth without grinding down healthy tooth material. He shifts the jaw so teeth mesh properly and so the jaw operates without pain or clicking.

“Small chins are larger chins with overbite correction” explains Dr. Muslin, who was designated ‘Best Cosmetic Dentist 2016.’ “By treating overbites, I can deliver twice the impact for my patients. They get a more comfortable jaw, a better chewing surface, improved long-term health, and an attractive profile that builds their confidence.”

Dr. Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® restorations can correct bite mechanics, protect enamel, and optimize the best facial profile for each patient without ever resorting to a scalpel and most importantly, without grinding down healthy teeth. His Face Lift Dentistry® method does not require pain medication because the healthy tooth structure is preserved, the jaw position is optimized, and the source of the pain is eliminated.

“Traditional protocol would call for braces, breaking the jaw, and a long recovery period. Then probably more braces. Facelift Dentistry® gives clients another option,” says Dr. Muslin. “And, this generation thrives on making its own choices!”

To read more about Dr. Sam Muslin’s break-through dentistry visit the Face Lift Dentistry website or his YouTube channel. For a consultation, call (310) 829-6796.

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