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Since 1926, Banner Mattress has been a source of high-quality, handcrafted mattresses. The company that was established by an Italian immigrant, Ross Scorziell, grew from his passion to live the American dream. Nearly a century later, Banner Mattress is widely recognized across the country for specializing in quality and value. With the company’s history in building something from nothing, Banner Mattress has an understanding of the importance of giving back to the community. Banner Mattress proudly announces their continued partnership with Path of Life Ministries in support of their mission to serve the greater Riverside homeless population.

Banner Mattress recently met with Damien O’ Farrell, CEO of Path of Life Ministries, a non-profit organization (501c3) based in the City of Riverside, committed to serving the greater Riverside homeless population. The mission of the partnership is to restore and rebuild lives in the surrounding community. Banner Mattress will help by providing a good night’s sleep to those most in need. Banner Mattress will be delivering box springs and mattresses in Riverside to the people and families helped by Path Of Life Ministries that have transitioned to more permanent housing.

Banner Mattress President, Lisa Scorziell remarks on the company’s latest philanthropic initiative. “Banner Mattress is proud to serve the under-served by providing them with a good night’s sleep and to help make their new house a home. Thank you to Lori LaCasse, the Donations Director at Path of Life Ministries, for bringing us together to help make the community where we all live and work a better place for everyone.”

Banner Mattress consistently supports the local community, and the local community recognizes their efforts. Banner Mattress recently won San Bernardino Sun and Redlands Daily Facts Readers’ Choice award for the fifth consecutive year. Such community-voted recognitions are proof of Banner Mattress’s dedication to their community and commitment to providing valuable services to local customers.

The company regularly wins over the hearts of customers by offering a diverse selection of their own branded mattresses as well as national brands. Banner Mattress also offers free delivery and a 120-night guarantee. To discover quality mattresses and adjustable beds offered by Banner Mattress, or to learn more about their community outreach programs visit www.BannerMattressOnline.com or call 1-888-3-BANNER (1-888-322-6637) today.

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