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Can you guess what the cable bill for an average U.S. household has risen to in 2016? As our insatiable appetitive for TV time continues to grow, the top 5 Cable companies in the U.S. have been strategically buying their smaller counterparts and creating monopolies in their regions. While the “Big 5” cable companies organize control of their markets, it’s inevitable that cable prices will rise as fewer options become available to the consumer in the marketplace. While this has been happening, the average cable bill in America has risen almost $16 a month from 2014 to an average of $137 per household in 2016, and that’s not taking into consideration the extra $10-$30 we might be spending on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon etc.

THE GOOD NEWS… Now we have all seen the “Cut The Cord” commercials that make empty promises to cut your cable bill in half or completely all together. There is a new company on the block MuViBox that GUARANTEES their claim or 100% of your money back. Their ads mention that you can watch all of your TV Shows, Movies & Sports all in one place and not have any monthly fees, yes, you read that right, $0 a month for all the content you want to watch. When MuviBox approached me to write an honest article about their product, I said sure (I could always use another gadget) but what I was really saying is there is no way MuViBox can live up to their claims.

Three days later, my mailman arrived and there was my MuviBox. I was now ready to crucify this product in my article for their improbable claims of being able to stream everything that I was paying cable hundreds of dollars a month to watch (after all, why were we all paying cable if this were possible). Seven hours of endless searches later, I have to say that I was in utter shock that MuViBox was able to find every show and movie I searched for and their claims of being to stream anything actually started to seem factual. Although I was impressed with Round 1, I still wasn’t convinced. So over the next 4 days, I was determined to find some shows and movies that were not available on MuViBox because it was unimaginable to me that I have been paying the cable company $150 a month for something that was available for free. I am now 5 days in and endless searches later, I have to say that MuviBox delivered on their promise. As it turns out, this product does allow you to watch virtually every show and movie available without the monthly subscription we’ve all gotten accustomed to with cable.

So the next question I had was, how is this legal? And if it was, how is it possible that most of us have never heard of this device. So my next step was to contact a reputable Trademark and Copyright attorney to find out if this was, in fact, legal to use, and if so how was is it possible? As It turns out, the law today clearly states that “streaming” content to your home (as long as you’re not downloading) happens to be 100% legal no matter how new or exclusive the content your streaming is. So what I am left with while writing this article is a device that allows you the ability to stream every TV Show, Movie & Sports Event, no matter how old or new the content is, absolutely free without violating any copyright laws. Obviously, this is something that the cable companies don’t want you to know but MuviBox’s claims are legitimate and it has changed the way that I watch TV. To purchase one, visit their website at


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