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Hundreds of thousands of blogs are started every day all around the world. Some stand the test of time while others fade away as quickly as they started. Let’s be practical here – It’s not as much as Why to Start a Blog as it is about How to Start and Grow Your Blog online that matters.

The real advantages of launching your own blog are one too many, and here are just a few of them–

1.      Improves your knowledge

2.      Helps you connect with like-minded individuals from the world over

3.      Improves your credentials and adds to your resume

4.      Gives you freedom and happiness

5.      Makes you money.

Blogging is actually a multi-million dollar online industry that has kept growing and growing ever since it started. So let’s say you’re all excited and ready to get started. What’s the next logical step that you should take?

There are innumerable ways for you to pursue your goal and they all seem like the same to you. This is where you should consider the advice of Arlie Wall, the creator of howtostartablog101.com

Arlie Wall started out as a Web Developer in Los Angeles who dabbled with the early days of Web Log, as it was called before it was shortened to just Blog. 15 years later, he is one of the most successful bloggers on the planet and has even been featured in publications such as Forbes, Mashable, Fox Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, among others.

Arlie started How To Start A Blog 101 to help fellow bloggers pursue their passion for blogging and writing. He has a tremendous wealth of information that he believes can help anyone from anywhere in the world to become a successful blogger. His website is a treasure trove of information that addresses all your concerns of being a first-time blogger.

“Having learned the hard way myself, I will say that I wish there had been a website just like this when I got started” says Arlie with a big smile on his face. He continues, “The fact that you can turn your passion into a hobby and then a side business to earn handsomely is the power of blogging which very few other industries offer. And that is what I want to provide with my free beginner’s guide for starting a blog.”

With WordPress as the #1 platform of choice, Arlie presents his 6 easy steps to launch, manage and grow your blog online and make a name for yourself. Are you intrigued to read on?

To get started with your own blog in less than 20 minutes, head on over to http://www.howtostartablog101.com/.  

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