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Believe it or not, everyone can afford cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Undergoing cosmetic procedures to tie up loose ends like wrinkles and hanging skin, and to build a more confident you is no longer a luxury only available to the wealthy. In fact, with the advancement of technology and the rise of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the cost of making the changes to your appearance you want and need has dropped drastically.  

At the same time, surgical procedures are still pricey, with the common breast implant costing $6,000 on average. These procedures are still accessible. Although cosmetic procedures are still rarely covered by medical insurance, many centers now offer financing to patients to help them afford the procedures they need.

However, we are still recovering from the recent economic recession and many people watched their perfect credit scores plummet. Financially responsible people across the country found themselves behind on payments to the point of losing assets and being accosted by collections agencies. Most cosmetic surgery centers will not finance procedures for patients with poor credit scores, and those that do tend to charge high-interest rates – not just for high-risk patients, but even for patients with good credit.

What are the alternatives to financing your procedure? Many patients use medical credit cards and regular credit cards, take out bank loans, clean out their cash savings, or take out home equity loans. Some patients even use their 401K. Others choose to borrow from friends or family or ask for their procedures as a gift.  

These are all workable options, but credit cards and medical credit cards carry high-interest rates, as do bank loans whose interest rates can change. Home equity loans are subject to the volatile housing market.  Asking friends and family for loans or gifts is a good way to go depending on your family’s attitude towards your choice to undergo cosmetic surgery. When you bring your friends and family into this decision, you make it their business, and many patients are too embarrassed to even ask. Dipping into your 401K means paying double taxes until the amount is repaid, and even if you are able to pay for the procedure with your cash savings or money that you have on hand, you need to take into consideration the buffer money you will need when you take time off from work to prepare for and to recover from the surgery. Remember, this is a surgical procedure and taking the time to fully recover is essential to the success of the procedure itself and to your body’s healing while integrating the changes you have made.

The reality is, some cosmetic surgery centers do understand that having bad credit does not mean someone is financially irresponsible. At Strax Rejuvenation, premier cosmetic and plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they have a variety of financing options available through their center directly, and through third party lenders, they have developed relationships with. Patients with a credit score in the low 500s can have their surgical procedures financed with low money down and no interest rate. They even offer a no credit check option, again, with low money down and no interest rate whatsoever.  

How can this cosmetic surgery center afford to do this?

“We do not sacrifice quality for affordability, and for this reason, our patients return to us. This relationship is built on trust between the center and its patients. We provide quality, affordable procedures, and our patients stick to their payment plans. If either side of this equation drops the ball, the relationship ends. Our financing practice is based on accountability on both ends,” says Angela Reyes Alvarez of Strax Rejuvenation.

To learn more about cosmetic procedures Strax has to offer, as well as financing options, call (954) 281-4032 or visit us at 

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