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 Branding the Brazos, a $1.65 million dollar project funded in large part by Waco businessman, Clifton Robinson and his wife Betsy, pays tribute to Waco’s 19th-century days as a stop on the Chisholm Trail cattle drives from South Texas to Kansas.

The project includes 25 bronze longhorns being rounded up for their approach to the Waco Suspension Bridge by three cowboys was designed and created by Robert Summers, notable artist of Glen Rose, TX. It is one of the largest sculpture projects in the state and one of the most photographed sites in Waco.

With the completion of the bronze cattle drive sculptures, only one thing remains. “We agreed from the beginning of the project to enhance the setting surrounding this incredible art,” said Lisa Torgersen, Founder, and CEO of Lawns Ltd. “We are now completing Robert Summer’s vision of the cattle drive with stone and granite leading up to the historic suspension bridge. Visitors will get the essence of a 19th-century cattle drive as the herd moved along the rocky Chisolm Trail.”

Branding the Brazos with Doreen Ravenscroft, president of Cultural Arts of Waco, steering the project from its beginning is an important piece of cultural heritage for Waco while providing an element of artistic beauty in Indian Spring Park. Lawns Ltd. is adding not only to the beauty but the authenticity of the project.

“Our part of the project began five years ago when the first drover and a few steers were completed and put in place,” said Torgersen. “We didn’t want the sculptures set on grass or dirt that would become muddy, so we added rock and boulders around the art. This important element not only enhances the aesthetics but provides a safer more comfortable area for visitors – especially the children who love to climb up on the sculptures.”

With the completion of Branding the Brazos, a special donor appreciation day is scheduled soon. Lawns Ltd. crew is working tirelessly to complete the final part of this project which began in 2005.

About Lawns Ltd.

Lawns Ltd. is the premier landscaping company in Waco, TX and is honored to give back to the community. In the past several years they have donated their landscaping services to Downtown Waco, Friends for Life, ABC Animal Birth Control Clinic, Dr. Pepper as well as many others. To learn more about Lawns Ltd. visit http://www.lawnsltd.com. Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lawnsltd/

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