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Carini Heating & Air Conditioning is proudly announcing they have received their first “Above and Beyond” award by the HERO Program, the financing leader for energy-efficient home upgrades.

The HERO Program not only helps home owners finance energy-efficient home solutions, but they also act as mediators between them and reputable, registered contractors. The monthly “Above and Beyond” award has recently been introduced to recognize exemplary service. Carini Heating & Air Conditioning was delighted to be the first recipient for exceptional work done for a homeowner Jennie Russ.

Russ wanted to get an affordable, energy-efficient solution for heating and air-conditioning in her home and Carini Heating & Air Conditioning proposed a modern, mini-split system accompanied with a rain barrel in which condensation would be collected to water the plants. Jennie, who is a keen gardener, was thrilled with the idea. She was sure she could rely on Carini Heating & Air Conditioning because all contractors registered with the HERO Program have to meet the highest standards guaranteed through the consumer protection program.

However, she didn’t expect to receive the service she did when the crew came for the installation. She notes that the crew “went into high gear” the moment they stepped into her home. The thing was that Gabriel Carini, the contractor, noticed right away the unusually strong smell of gas. Before they went in to search for the leak, they opened all the doors and windows to let the gas out.

“It was good thing we got there in time” notes Carini. The leak lay with the faulty fireplace gas starter Russ had installed.

That wasn’t the end. The Carini crew also discovered that one of Russ’ attic beams was seriously split and on the verge of giving out. That means “the house was full of gas and the roof was about to fall in” Carini says. Basically, a disaster was waiting to happen. Before the new heating and air conditioning system was installed, necessary repair work was carried out to fix the existent issues and restore the home safe.

Carini Heating & Air Conditioning is highly appreciative of the award, but as Gabriel Carini highlights, “the real reward is making customers happy”.

The company emphasizes that working with HERO is great, because it really encourages homeowners to embrace energy-efficiency as an affordable, sensible and sustainable strategy that enables everyone to lower consumption.

Everyone who is thinking of improving their heating and air-conditioning systems and everyone who needs heating and air-conditioning repair in San Diego should feel free to contact Carini Heating & Air Conditioning for quick and comprehensive information on their services.


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Carini Received First “Above And Beyond” Award From HERO

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