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Beginning in 2004, the EPA began a scaled requirement for all non-emergency generators to be upgraded to Tier 4 Final by 2015. The Tier 4 emissions standards require the reduction of particulate matter by over 90% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 45 percent. This has resulted in a significant investment in engine development.

To alleviate the initial cost of manufacturing Tier 4 engines, the EPA devised a program to allow manufactures to continue manufacturing with Tier 3 engines as a transition to Tier 4. This assisted with the expense of designing and building Tier 4 engines. This program is called the Tier 4 Flex program or TPEM.

Beginning in 2010, the Tier 4 Flex program launched and Cummins, Caterpillar, Generac and Kohler used this program extensively. The program phases out over a certain number of engine sales or years. Currently, Cummins, Caterpillar, Kohler, Generac and others have used all their “Flex Credits” remaining. They have all been required to move over to Tier 4 Final requirements. The Tier 4 engines are up 50% than their Tier 3 counterparts. This has caused the cost of generators to increase by 25-40% more than in the past.

Americas Generators, working with the EPA, determined they have Tier 4 Flex credits through 2021. Americas Generators currently offers a full range of TPEM flex products from 10 to 3000 kW utilizing Yanmar, John Deere, Volvo, Cummins and MTU engines. They offer a variety of options in the flex program including full rental packages, stationary generators, and prime power equipment. Their rental package includes a complete system including voltage selector switch, full distribution system and trailer.

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