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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — AIM Group has released its first Africa Classified Intelligence Report, reflecting the continent’s gradual emergence as a growing market after years of promise. The 30-page report focuses on about 15 countries and 30 companies striving to fulfill Africa’s potential as a classified advertising powerhouse, and investors who are pouring in money to develop that potential. 

Inside, readers can find:  


        * A look at the importance of mobile offerings on the continent, diversity of payment systems, and the present state of Africa’s print industry

  • Company profiles of African companies that began as small, private efforts and grew into market leaders
  • An analysis of key investors on Africa, including Naspers, Schibsted and Rocket Internet


“This one of a series of special reports produced by AIM Group,” said Peter M. Zollman, founding principal of AIM Group. “With help from our able Africa team, the special report delivers a snapshot glimpse of companies, developments and opportunities in Africa.”

This special report was included in the Classified Intelligence Report continuous advisory service for AIM Group clients. The report is also available for purchase by others with a money-back guarantee: $1,295 / €1.225. To buy the full report or view a free preview, visit Or order the report by calling the AIM Group at +1.407.788.2780 or emailing [email protected]

About the AIM Group: The AIM Group, formally the Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, is the world’s leading consultancy in interactive media and classified advertising. It publishes Classified Intelligence Report, the continuous advisory service known as “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” Founded in 1998 and based near Orlando, Fla., the AIM Group works with leading media companies, dot-coms, broadcasters, investment companies, yellow-page publishers and technology companies. It provides strategic and tactical consulting; sales training; proprietary and published research about interactive media; and other services.

For more information, email Peter M. Zollman, founding principal, at [email protected], or call him at +1.407.788.2780, or Jim Townsend at [email protected], +1.713.550.0699.

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