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Please Discard the old press release about ungagged.

Whats it all about?

This event will start on the 14th of November and will last for 3 full days. There is also a ‘masterclass session’ taking place on the 13th of November but entry to this is not included in standard ticket entry. If you wish to attend the exclusive sessions you can find all you will need on our site; Masterclass Sessions.

There will be 3 main stages at this conference which will have more than 40 different experienced speakers, who will be giving their hints and tips and tricks of all aspects seo.

The fantastic Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort will be the host for this incredible event they will be providing all ticket holders with breakfast and lunch but most importantly access the the networking events itself where you can interact with other like mind and career professionals. The Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort has its own casino, spa, restaurant, fitness center and onsite entertainment. We have a wide range of speakers covering all different aspects of seo from onsite, link building and even outreach.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Akiva Ben-Ezra (Owner, SEO Kings)

  • Alex Moss (Director, FireCask)

  • Alexandra Tachalova (Digital Marketing Consultant)

  • Bartosz Goralewicz (CEO, Elephate)

  • Bob Rains (Sr. SEO Analyst, CBS Interactive)

  • Carolyn Shelby (Director of SEO, Tribune Publishing)

  • Cindy Krum (CEO & Founder, MobileMoxie)

  • Daniel Bianchini (Director of Services,

  • David Szetela (CEO, FMB Media)

  • Duane Forrester (VP, Organic Search Operations, Bruce Clay, Inc)

  • Emily Grossman(Mobile Marketing Specialist, MobileMoxie)

  • Eric Enge (CEO & Founder, Stone Temple Consulting)

  • Hannah Thorpe (Head of SEO,

  • Ian Lurie (CEO & Founder, Portent)

  • Jacob Hagberg (Founder, Orange Fox)

  • James Bavgington (Director, StrategiQ)

  • Jamie Toyne (Director of Websites Brokerage, Flippa)

  • Jerry West (Director of Marketing, Web Marketing Now)

  • Jim Broykin (CEO & Founder, Internet Marketing Ninjas)

  • Joe Sinkwitz (Principal, Digital Heretix)

  • Jonny Scott (CEO & Co-Founder, Caliber)

  • Jono Alderson (Global Head of Digital, Linkdex)

  • Joseph Carroll (Director of Websites Marketplace, Flippa)

  • Kristine Schachinger (CEO & Founder, The Vetters)

  • Kyle Sanders (Head of Search, Complete Web Resources)

  • Lance Bachmann (President,

  • Larry Kim (Founder, WordStream)

  • Marty Weintraub (Founder, aimClear)

  • Michael Podolsky (Co-Founder,

  • Paul Bongers (Director of Sales US East, Searchmetrics)

  • Robert Hansen (CEO, Smartphone Exec)

  • Russell McAthy (CEO, CUBED Attribution)

  • Sam McRoberts (CEO, VUDU Marketing)

  • Terry Godier (Founder, Jupint)

  • Thom Craver (Independent Digital Strategist)

  • Vishal Gurbuxani (Founder, Captiv8)

  • William Sears (Group Product Manager, LinkedIn)


Why pick UnGagged?

UnGagged is the event to attend, why you ask?

Because it is not recorded, it is not an open event, it cannot be tuned into and there will be no transcripts. This means the 40 or so speakers can be completely open and honest, they can give their secret tips, they can discuss the controversial methods without fear of backlash or repercussions.

This means to hear these expert views you have to be there.

The event will be full of accomplished search engine optimisation specialists, distinguished business owners, directors and decision makers due to the esteemed speakers making this the networking opportunity of the year.

UnGagged is where the experts will be so why not be there? Remember, they will be discussing the methods, techniques, releases and loopholes around seo. To get your ticket go to and if you are fast enough there maybe an early bird reward.

Be there or be square.

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