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Nonprofit Becoming a Fully Integrated Services Delivery Model
Ken Goodgames has resigned as CEO from Transformance, the Dallas-based nonprofit where he promoted organizational change from the top down, beginning with changing the name of the previous Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas. Goodgames has been appointed CEO of the Community Council of Greater Dallas, effective Dec. 20. Transformance has installed Dr. Daniel B. Prescott as interim CEO until a full-time replacement can be found. 
“Leaving Transformance was a difficult and personal decision,” said Goodgames. “We’ve achieved so much in the way we deliver services in just two short years. I know that Transformance will continue to thrive under the very capable leadership of its Board of Directors and its current team of leadership executives. My plan forward is to continue expanding my role as a servant leader within the Dallas nonprofit community.” 
Transformance, an integrated financial capability nonprofit, has undergone a real transformation of its own under Goodgames’ leadership—from a core competency of financial literacy to becoming a fully integrated services delivery model. These efforts were based on the Annie E. Casey Working Family Success Model, which stresses the three key components of financial education, social services and workforce development. Here are some of Transformance’s strategic examples of implementing this approach:
Children’s Health – piloted a program for 15 Lake Highlands’ families with uninsured children, restricted to those with at least one child having an ongoing health issue. Provided nutritious food assistance and medical resource/placement assistance
Community Counseling – formed a partnership with Safe Conversations, a nonprofit dedicated to providing couples, families and organizations with communication techniques proven to strengthen relationships at home, work, and school. The Transformance staff is now certified through Safe Conversations training sessions
Job Placement – created a proprietary employment program with GameStop, which included job training, placement and even transportation services for qualified job-seekers
Veterans Assistance – formed alliances with veteran service organizations (VSOs) such as NPower and Grace After Fire to provide job placement, housing assistance and counseling
Education – created mobile apps and online games, Pocket Change USA and Pocket Change KIDS, to teach financial literacy skills through a gamified learning process
“The pride I take in what the board, stakeholders and staff have achieved at Transformance is nothing short of inspiring for just two short years,” said Goodgames. “This organization will continue to set a first-class example for what servant leadership can accomplish in developing sustainable communities.”
As an organization, Transformance pledges to continue their growth and outreach, enhancing the vision of support and coaching for those they serve. The nonprofit has a rich past, and a rewarding future ahead.
For more information on Transformance, please visit www.transformanceusa.org.
About Transformance Inc.
In 2016, the agency will have delivered more than 100,000 consumer interactions through financial coaching, outreach and education. In 2017, the agency will continue to serve low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible online and through a new mobile app.
Since its founding in 1974, Transformance has empowered clients to overcome adversity and attain their financial goals. Services include credit/budget coaching, financial education, housing counseling, individual debt management and bankruptcy coaching. Transformance provides the following programs and services:
Provides a national nonprofit resource dedicated to confidential and professional coaching to assist financially distressed or economically vulnerable families
Develops and fosters community educational programs on family money management, budgeting and the wise use of money and credit
Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with the credit community, employee assistance programs, professional counselors and community-based social service agencies
Provides opportunities for economic empowerment of low and moderate income families and with a particular focus on at-risk communities such as seniors, military families, veterans, communities of color and single, female-headed households
Enables good financial knowledge early in life through its focus on education of students (K -12) and their parents through agency strategic partnerships
Transformance Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1974, and is a United Way Service Provider as well as a HUD-approved multistate housing counseling and education organization. The agency is formally accredited every four years by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Families (COA) to ensure compliance with top industry standards and best practices. The agency has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with satellite offices in Arlington; Austin; Amarillo and Ardmore, Oklahoma.
To read more about Transformance Inc., or for an annual report, visit http://www.transformanceusa.org.
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