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7,000-Square-Foot Facility Designed for Social Services Proliferation
Transformance, an integrated financial capability nonprofit, is set to open its long-awaited Economic Empowerment Center (EEC) the first week of January. Over a year in the making, the redesigned and renovated lower floor of Transformance’s corporate headquarters will now provide multiple workspace options for other nonprofits and community organizations to conduct social services outreach.
“The EEC was created to be a place of common ground for the community, nonprofits and families who need a high-quality, affordable and convenient place for staging events,” said Dr. Daniel B. Prescott, Jr., interim President/CEO of Transformance. 
The Economic Empowerment Center is specifically designed to offer three core components:
Collaboration – Through an integrated services delivery model, Transformance is partnering with other nonprofits to provide social services and job services alongside their education, learning and development programs.
Collective Impact – By working together in a team-based environment, multiple servant leader-based organizations can offer a combined effort to better serve individuals and communities.
Scale – The EEC is scalable and replicable in other communities across Texas and the nation. Thanks to technological advances and global thinking, services are no longer limited geographically. These strategic partnerships will create a network of services with a unified mission.
The EEC consists of approximately 7,000 square feet of space, of which 5,000 make up the main conference room. The additional 2,000 square feet is dedicated to co-working space. There are three large meeting rooms, all audio/video/Wi-Fi enabled. Workforce development, STEM programs, financial coaching, food pantry assistance, corporate volunteerism and financial education programs will all play a key role in the EEC.
“We are excited to have built this space and, in doing so, brought a vision into fruition,” added Prescott, Jr. “The movie ‘Field of Dreams’ said, ‘build it and they will come.’ We have built it. We are now looking for the community to come.” 
For information on partnering with the EEC, please view the Economic Empowerment Center brochure on the web or contact Kim Hudspeth, property manager at Transformance, at (800) 249-2227.
For more information on Transformance, please visit www.transformanceusa.org.
About Transformance Inc.
In 2016, the agency will have delivered more than 100,000 consumer interactions through financial coaching, outreach and education. In 2017, the agency will continue to serve low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible online and through its new mobile app, Pocket Change USA.
Since its founding in 1974, Transformance has empowered clients to overcome adversity and attain their financial goals. Services include credit/budget coaching, financial education, housing counseling, individual debt management and bankruptcy coaching. Transformance provides the following programs and services:
Provides a national nonprofit resource dedicated to confidential and professional coaching to assist financially distressed or economically vulnerable families
Develops and fosters community educational programs on family money management, budgeting and the wise use of money and credit
Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with the credit community, employee assistance programs, professional counselors and community-based social service agencies
Provides opportunities for economic empowerment of low and moderate income families and with a particular focus on at-risk communities such as seniors, military families, veterans, communities of color and single, female-headed households
Enables good financial knowledge early in life through its focus on education of students (K -12) and their parents through agency strategic partnerships
Transformance Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1974, and is a United Way Service Provider as well as a HUD-approved multistate housing counseling and education organization. The agency is formally accredited every four years by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Families (COA) to ensure compliance with top industry standards and best practices. The agency has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with satellite offices in Arlington; Austin; Amarillo and Ardmore, Oklahoma.
To read more about Transformance Inc., or for an annual report, visit http://www.transformanceusa.org.
Transformance Media Contact:
Jeffrey Cheatham
Senior Account Manager
TrizCom PR
Office: 972-247-1369
Mobile: 972-961-6171

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