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 People flock to tech for information, resources, services, and shopping. Technology and the Internet present opportunities for small businesses to flourish, but only if they can use this tool to their advantage.  

Tom Cheever is the President and CEO of prominent web design and technology company International Enterprise Services (IES), Inc., based out of historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Cheever has been in the world of electronics and technology for over half of his life. This 24-year-old CEO co-founded IES his junior year of high school with a fellow small business owner after Cheever sold his electronics import business he started at the age of 13.  Alongside owning his own businesses and helping other businesses thrive, Cheever also earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and management from Bridgewater State University. 

Cheever knows his way around IT for small businesses. Internet services and upgraded tech are key to making any small business competitive. But what exactly does this mean for your business operations?

“Don’t tie up more resources than you need to in tech,” Cheever advises. “If you’re not in the tech business, don’t waste your time and money becoming one.”

Internet and technology services are a vital part of your business, but it’s also a part that can be easily outsourced. Small businesses need high quality websites to be credible and competitive. Proper hardware and software, as well as tech support for updating software and machines, fixing problems and troubleshooting is also vital. Having outdated technology costs businesses customers, and malfunctioning tech can quickly add up in lost revenue, lost customers, and massive expenses to fix, costs that hit small businesses extra hard. However, hiring or contracting an IT specialist is also too expensive a cost for small businesses and start-ups to spare without sacrificing operating costs. 

Cheever suggests outsourcing your Internet and technology needs to a company or consultancy that specializes in solutions for small businesses. Many small business owners feel pressured into compromising their company values, business plan, and budget for overpriced web design and tech support. Companies that understand small business needs tend to be less expensive and offer more flexibility in their services. 

“Cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for small businesses,” Cheever explains.  “Your technology solutions must compliment your business model.”

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