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One of the UK’s leading choices for high quality, intelligently sourced finance solutions has recently spoken out on the importance of seeking out more accessible, alternative products, in what has become an increasingly restrictive market place for borrowers in the property sector. Highlighting the problems faced by those in search of property finance via more obvious lending channels, the team at claim that more and more borrowers are finding it almost impossible to gain access to the funds they need.

However, it now seems that the plight of the potential buy-to-let landlord or residential homeowner in search of suitable finance in order to expand or improve their portfolios is somewhat needless – as intelligent solutions exist which are easier to access and much more affordable than traditional borrowing products. In fact, with their lower rates of interest and increased cost effectiveness, bridging loans are quickly becoming one of the most convenient and easily sourced financial products in the market – a trend that easily looks set to increase throughout 2017 and onwards.

Loans for Any Purpose

“Our high quality bridging loan products are a progressively more practical and affordable alternative to traditional property finance products such as mortgages and second charge borrowing options. As a leading bridging loan expert, works directly with borrowers and lenders, at the same time, in order to ensure the most competitive financing solution for any given situation. We are able to source loans of any size or scale, with the most affordable borrowing rates on the market.” –

Although most people believe that bridging loans are typically only made available for purposes such as bridging the gap between property buying or selling transactions, this quite simply is not the case. It is true to say that this is one of the main reasons behind bridging loan borrowing, but bridging finance can be used for any legal purpose the borrower sees fit. Other reasons for taking out bridging loan finance include covering the cost of overdue tax bills, financing the purchase of new business equipment and the funding of repair or refurbishment works.

Unlike traditional loan products, which are proving harder and harder to gain access to for the everyday applicant, bridging loans are much easier to apply for and the terms are much more reasonable, particularly as the finance is secured against a property asset.  As the principal amount is typically repaid within a twelve month period, and with a singular repayment that includes the interest and setup fees, bridging loans are typically cheaper than almost all other forms of finance combined. They can also be arranged in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks.

Considering All Bases

“Once an applicant has filed a request for a bridging loan product, our team will start processing that claim almost immediately. Within a matter of hours, we will return a written agreement, which the applicant will need to sign in order to proceed with the borrowing process. If a client agrees to the term, we can instruct our legal and property valuing teams accordingly and they will carry out their duties whilst we process the paperwork – which speeds things up tremendously. You will then be expected to sign this paperwork before the funds are transferred to your account. With, we never charge upfront for our services and our fees are usually added to the single, rolled-up repayment at the end of the loan term.” – is part of the UK Property Finance group and, as such, is a regulated and fully FCA approved company offering a highly dedicated and fully professional service for those in search of affordable and intelligent borrowing options. You can use the online bridging loan calculator provided on the company website in order to gain a quick and reliable insight as to how much your loan will cost you should you decide to proceed with borrowing.

Even if you are one of the lucky few who are able to get finance from a mainstream lender, in a time when so many potential borrowers fall short of having the right loaning credentials, an alternatively sourced, secured loan product from a company such as can often prove to be much more affordable and exceptionally more convenient.


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