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Life & Food Inc. announces the launch of a new probiotic for women, one that features specifically designed strains that help females. This includes strains such as B. infantis, L. fermentum, L. reuteri and many more. The 15 powerful strains in the women’s probiotics allow the product to stand out from competitors, as most products designed for women have eight strains or less. The greater variation of strains help a woman’s gut and positive bacteria flourish even more.

“Women are under more stress than ever before. Many try to balance work and home life, while juggling a marriage, personal relationships and more. As a result, their health may suffer, often in the form of gut issues. The probiotics help to balance the gut, of great importance in overall health. Our goal is to improve women’s health and digestive care with this product, and the 15 strains allow our product to truly stand out in the crowd,” Sarah, spokesperson for Life & Food Inc., explains.

The new probiotic for women maintains all of the high quality aspects of the products and formulas offered through Life & Food Inc. This includes third party testing, high quality ingredients and no GMO or stearates. Women need to know that what they put into their body will improve their health, not do more harm. This probiotic meets this requirement.

“The new women’s product contains an extremely effective probiotic formula (Sunfiber Guar Fiber) and time release technology. In addition, it contains activ-polymer vials (CSP) technology to ensure the products remain fresh and potent for an extended period of time. Furthermore, it is made in a kosher approved facility, thus everyone can make use of this product without worry,” Sarah continues.

Probiotics benefit women in a number of ways. The gut contains more than 100 trillion microorganisms, and any disruption in the balance of these microorganisms can lead to health issues. In addition to improving gut health, probiotics also help women maintain and/or improve their vaginal health, such as those who suffer from recurring yeast infections.

The detailed articles and posts found on the blog, along with the FAQs page, are extremely helpful to those who are searching for the best possible solution when it comes to digestive supplementation” Sarah states. Visit our site to obtain more information about probiotics for women.

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