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For many years, Thailand is well-known for its cosmetic surgery procedures and medical tourism. Many of the best cosmetic surgeons and doctors have come from Thailand which has prompted the country to promote the industry further and turn it into a cosmetic tourist destination. In fact, Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery and other medical procedures. According to NewsComAu, Thailand is a leading country in the medical tourism destination industry with an annual revenue of $4.31 billion in the year 2013 alone and still continues to grow at present.


Why Thailand?


Thailand has an estimated number of medical tourists amounting to 2 million in the year 2013 alone. From 2013, it was seen that the medical tourism in Thailand was steadily growing at a rate 16% per annum. Medical tourism currently makes up a total of 6%-7% of total tourist accounts in the country, according to BBC.

With this stats, it is natural for people to be curious as to what makes Thailand’s cosmetic surgery procedures attractive.

First, Thailand is known for its very cost-effective procedures. In fact, the cost is one of the main reasons as to why most people go to Thailand for cosmetic surgery. As compared to other countries like UK, America, and Australia, Thailand offers a wide array of procedures at a much cheaper cost. For example, it is possible to save up 50% of the cost of having a breast implant in Thailand as compared to Australia. It is even possible to save up to 75% in liposuction by having the procedure in Thailand as compared to America.

Another reason why people go to Thailand for plastic surgery would be the doctors. Thailand is known for having doctors who have undergone very high standard training which make them experts with regard to cosmetic surgery. Thailand is also known for state-of-the-art technology for its procedures. As compared to its Western counterparts in the UK, US, and Australia, Thailand’s doctors and technology can match up to its contemporaries.

Lastly, Thailand is known for its excellent customer service. Thai people are generally known to be very friendly people. The friendliness of the people contributes to the good service that Thai hospitals provide to the customers which will aid in letting them be at ease. When compared to other Western cosmetic surgical centers, Thailand has the best customer service.


News Controversies Regarding Thailand’s Medical Tourism Industry


While there has been some nightmare cosmetic surgery stories from Thailand, Thailand is not the only country that has received bad reviews and disaster stories about failed cosmetic surgery jobs. In a report by Mirror, a woman named Becky Smith (not her real name), performed breast implants in a cosmetic surgery center in the UK. However, her surgery was a big failure which left her breasts scarred. This isn’t the only account of nightmare stories in Western countries.


Another report by NBC stated that Dr. Osak Omulepu, a well-known plastic surgeon from South Florida who has been famous for his signature Brazilian Butt Lift, had his license revoked because of a failed surgery. In 2015, a woman named Crystal Heath underwent Dr. Omulepu’s Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and gotten a tummy tuck instead. This resulted in a disastrous job wherein Heath had a big hole in her stomach.


Comparing the US and Thai Standards of Medical Procedure


Although many critics have stated that Thailand’s cosmetic surgery centers and hospitals are not up to standard, Thailand’s two biggest hospitals are the first hospitals to receive Western accreditation, which proves Thailand’s quality standard. Bangkok’s Bumrungad and Samitivej hospitals, two of which are very known for cosmetic surgery procedures, are SouthEast Asia’s first awardees of the Joint Commission International certification, the gold standard for worldwide healthcare services. Up to date, Thailand already has a minimum of 8 JCI certified hospitals.


Gold standard accreditation has always been the sign of good quality healthcare. JCI hospitals are all famous for high-standard medical technology in their facilities, as well as top quality doctors who have undergone high standard training. With this, Thailand’s standard of doctors is actually on par with the US doctors.


Thailand’s Lower Cost


Even though Thailand offers same quality cosmetic procedures as other hospitals and centers around the world, many have questioned as to why the costs for the procedures are significantly lower. The answer would lie in the labor costs associated. Medical practitioners are paid about 50% lower than their counterparts in the other countries such as the US and Australia. Medical insurance premiums are significantly lower as well. This is all due to the huge difference in living costs between Thailand and its other contemporaries. These competitive prices contribute to the lower prices that Thailand’s cosmetic surgery facilities and hospitals may offer.




Thailand has gained immense popularity over the decades for their cosmetic surgery procedures. Their cosmetic procedures are top quality, and their doctors are trained to the highest standards. Moreover, they have a state-of-art medical technology. With comparison to other countries, Thailand’s cosmetic procedures are on par with US, UK, and Australia with the price and customer service being the deciding factors for competition.


Though there are many controversies still surrounding the medical tourism market, a few isolated cases may not prove to represent the entire market. Just like in other Western countries, there are also some isolated bad cases of cosmetic procedures. This would depend solely on the hospital or facility that provides the procedure and how good the surgeon is.


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