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RiskSpan, a data management and predictive analytics firm that specializes in solutions for the mortgage, capital markets, and banking industries, today announced a new release of its loan-level mortgage query tool, RS Edge.

RS Edge is a data and analytics tool custom designed for searching mortgage pool and loan-level data. The software service allows users to identify performance trends based on historical data and run customized queries on multi-layered cohorts of borrowers.

“RiskSpan is excited to offer timely enhancements to RS Edge,” says Bernadette Kogler, CEO of RiskSpan.These new features will make it much easier to identify, parse, and analyze value-rich deals that are available to trade.”

RiskSpan’s most recent release adds three new features to help market participants draw timely insights into borrower behavior: normalization of servicer and originator names across all agencies, a filter to quickly find and parse specified pools, and a filter to search and categorize pools held by the Federal Reserve or locked up in REMICs.

With the Servicer Normalization feature, RS Edge facilitates trend analysis by servicer and originator by standardizing more than 10,000 text-names across datasets. Analysts no longer need to reconcile and consolidate a dozen or more spellings and abbreviations of the same servicer. The normalized names allow for quick analysis comparing servicer prepayment speeds.

The Specified Pool Filter allows users to quickly search for market-standard specified pools and parse these pools by additional features, including servicer, seller, and other characteristics.

The Tradeable Float Filter allow users to isolate pools that are held by the Federal Reserve or pledged to REMICs/SMBS. Using this filter, users can compare Fed holdings in specific cohorts and sub-cohorts and gain insight about potential changes to the mortgage market as the Fed begins to sell its $1.7 trillion dollar MBS portfolio.  

“RiskSpan’s mission is to be the most user-friendly software on the market, and we are constantly making updates to our platform that stay true to that goal,” says Janet Jozwik, Managing Director at RiskSpan and panelist at the upcoming IBM Vision Conference. “Many of our new features come directly from conversations we’ve had with clients and industry leaders. We are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of the market.” 


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