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It’s no coincidence – UNESCO Centre South America may have a similar name to the United Nations’ UNESCO headquartered in Paris, but the South American institution is determined to provide not only trenchant criticism of its rival but also a real alternative to UNESCO’s educational policies.
What is UNESCO? The UNESCO you already know stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Now, meet UNESCO Centre South America: Union Nacional de Educacion Superior Continua Organizada, translated into National Union of Continuous Organized Higher Education.
UNESCO Centre South America evolved from UNESCO Centre BVI, which originally carried out international education work as a private center. Through its evolution, the organization now presents affordable and broader alternatives to the unipolar UNESCO. Currently, it concentrates particularly on the maintenance and up-to-date databases listing all the universities of the world and publishes the authoritative handbook of world universities online and in book form, as well as world university rankings. It is partnered with the International Alliance of Universities, which was formed to connect universities globally.
UNESCO Paris overlooks many contemporary issues that impact education and business in the Southern Hemisphere, such as the listing of transnational universities and business interest-free university rankings. In its view, the field of university listings and rankings should not simply be represented by an organization that issues one book per year, which costs $1500 US and makes huge profit margins for its publishers at the expense of the public and educators. What is needed is an affordable alternative that addresses the educational and business issues that face the countries and populations that UNESCO Paris overlooks. The UNESCO Centre South America Handbook is available as a free download, as well as a much more affordable print publication. It is updated frequently and aims to be fully comprehensive.
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