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Long-term drug use can harm your body in significant ways, and until you decide to stop taking drugs and commit to a rehabilitation program, it’s doubtful that you will get better. But when you’re in the throes of an addiction, it’s difficult to understand why detox is the best solution for you. That’s why the people who love and care about you can gain that understanding on your behalf by learning the seven reasons for finding the best medical drug detox in New Jersey.

Stops Long-Term Damage To the Body

Abusing prescription medication can create long-term damage to your body. According to the National Safety Council, some of the side effects of opioid addiction include gastrointestinal bleeding, severe constipation, loss of muscle mass, a decrease in sex hormones, irregular heartbeat, and an increased sensitivity to pain. 

Provides Qualified Staff To Help

Whether you are looking for an alcohol detox center in New Jersey or opiate detox in New Jersey, you will find qualified and experienced staff that can help get you back on the path to sobriety. Licensed detox centers specialize in addiction and mental health counseling and some of these facilities require that senior staff members possess a master’s degree as a minimum standard to provide care.

Provides Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is one of the key aspects of a detox program because many people struggling with drug and alcohol issues also struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma from their past. Simply treating the external symptoms of these deep mental health issues will not result in long-term success, because the root problem remains.

 Helps An Addict Regain a Self Esteem and Confidence

Studies have found that low self-esteem and self-image are motivating factors in a person’s decision to use alcohol and drugs. 

Our perception of who we are and more importantly, how others view us often shapes our decisions in life. People who form negative and harmful thoughts about their status relative to other people, or people who perceive that others view them as weak or as failures, may react in destructive ways as means of coping with feelings of worthlessness.

But low self-esteem is also linked to damaging experiences such as sexual and physical abuse. Medical drug detox in New Jersey can help addicts build up their sense of self, without the need to be validated by drugs and alcohol.

 Helps To Heal Family Relationships

Drug and alcohol abuse often damages the relationships that are most valuable in a person’s life. This is usually because the people who love the addict don’t want to see that person’s life destroyed, and their attempts to help often creates conflict, because the addict is unable to stop the destructive behavior.

Medical drug detox facilities in New Jersey can help addicts and their families re-develop their bonds of trust, and encourage open and honest communication that can form the foundation for a new kind of relationship in the future.

Saves Money

Medical drug addictions can be very expensive, and according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, a survey found that many opioid addicts shifted their abuse to heroin because opioids such as hydrocodone and codeine were too expensive. 

Addicts often report that they run through their savings to buy drugs, and in some instances, the expense of these drugs drives addicts to commit crimes to support their habit. Obtaining treatment at a medical drug detox facility in New Jersey can help addicts understand the amount of money they have spent on drugs, and how that spending has negatively impacted their life.

Saves Lives

Detox saves lives because it provides the resources for addicts to withdraw physically from prescription drugs. But psychological withdrawal during detox is also important to building the foundation for a clean living after patients leave the facility.

Thousands of people are dying throughout the country because they are overdosing on medical drugs, but some of those people could have been saved if they had been placed in a qualified detox facility.

The stigma against medical drug addicts is beginning to fade as statistics show that this is an issue that crosses all demographics and age groups.

A Fresh Start

As public sentiment shifts in support of treatment, detox facilities will remain houses of hope for addicts and their families looking for a fresh start. If you have a loved one that you know needs help, or you are an addict seeking to confront your problem, please contact one of our behavioral health experts.

Summit Behavioral Health offers a personalized detox treatment program that incorporates mental health counseling, inpatient care and outpatient treatment depending on each person’s needs. Call us today at Phone:1-908-481-4400  to speak to a substance abuse counselor about your options.

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