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RedFynn Technologies, a full-service management company providing top-of-the-line point-of-sale systems (POS) and payment processing solutions to small businesses across the United States, this week, officially released their brand-new Restaurant POS Systems Implementation Guide, for helping restaurants to quickly increase profit and efficiency.
Passionate about helping business owners organize and profit from their streamlined operations, RedFynn Technologies’ new guide will show all restaurant owners how to pick the perfect point-of-sale system for their restaurant from the get-go.
“Gone are the days when just pen and paper were acceptable for tracking costs and transactions,” said Shane Hurley, Founder and Owner of RedFynn Technologies. “We can leverage technology to streamline just about anything today. With a great POS system, restaurant owners can easily define their restaurant needs and most important assets.”
RedFynn’s free guide includes tips to delineate restaurant needs, including what is essential and nonessential for the business, information for ensuring the system offers items such as timed events, discounts, special menus, and more, to keep the cash flow strong, assists in identifying the establishment’s most important asset and how to reward customers within the system, and tips for getting the most out of the identified system by ensuring the restaurant POS system doesn’t turn into a glorified cash register.
The guide then points out how a good POS system impacts the overall restaurant, from a server, chef, customer, and manager’s point-of-view.
“Cutting-edge technology can expedite and organize any type of organization today,” said Hurley. “In any restaurant POS system, the process should also include staff, as they are a vital part of the system’s implementation. Spread the word on our free guide today, and head on over to our website to learn more.”
For more information, visit: https://www.redfynn.com/restaurant-pos-systems-wp/ or call us at (888) 510-9871.

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