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In their video, Refer Your Clients to Summit Behavioral Health, the organization’s Chief Operating Officer, Maria Ulmer MA, LMFT, CAADC, spoke directly to other medical professionals about referring clients with addiction issues to Summit, and how they handle the transition for both the provider and the client.

Ulmer stressed the importance of communication between the referring doctor or other medical professional, as well as the smooth transfer for the client. Speaking directly to potential referrers, Ulmer said, “It’s truly important to us that we work very closely with you to understand what you would like with a patient that you’ve been working with or the family that you’ve been working with for quite some time.”

Additionally, Ulmer said that it’s discussing a client’s treatment plan objectives and discharge planning with their previous medical care provider is of vital importance to the client’s potential progress in rehabilitation. As a client is transferred to Summit Behavioral Health, a level of communication will be established between the two providers, deciding the frequency and manner in which the two will discuss the client.

Summit Behavioral Health is happy to accept referrals for any of their treatment programs – detox, residential, and outpatient rehabilitation. Once in treatment, the focus for the client will include a personalized treatment plan including therapy, addiction education, 12-step programs, and relapse prevention.  

Summit utilizes an individual approach to treatment, knowing that each client is unique, to compassionately guide them through the challenging first days of sobriety through after-care and to long-lasting recovery.

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