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A woman who is remaining anonymous to all, even her family and friends, has refused to not only disclose her identity, but is refusing to seek out medical diagnosis and necessary treatment for a breast lump she discovered until her set goal of 1 Million Random Acts of Kindness is met as part of a Random Kindness Relay. The relay is being initiated through a Facebook page she has created, which is also anonymous. Her reason for remaining anonymous is to strike a nerve and encourage all who learn of the story to consider she could be any one of their mothers, daughters, friends, wives, grandmothers, or sisters and to participate in the relay and not only show Love like a life depends on it, but like your loved one’s life depends on it, because it very well may. Even though her family is not aware of her unfortunate discovery, they will learn of it after she has reached her goal of 1 Million Random Acts of Kindness, which is when she will reveal her identity and finally seek a diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

As anyone knows time is of the essence when diagnosis and treating breast cancer, so this really is a grand gesture of sorts that will hopefully engage the public in an urgent and timely manner and meet her initial intended set goal of 30 days, but has posted that she will wait longer if need be.

Individuals who participate are able to do so by performing a Random Act of Kindness and passing it on by tagging and sharing the post online or by printing off a Random Kindness Relay Card she posted on the facebook page as well and giving it to the recipient of your random act of kindness. 

Individuals who participate are encouraged to email [email protected] after completing their Random Act of Kindness to enable her to keep track of the progress and so that she may also thank you.

For now, the woman is referring to herself as “Love Lee” as she states in her facebook page,”Be the change you want to see”- For now, you can call me “Love”, that’s the change I want to see…

Participate and learn more about the story and Random Kindness Relay by going to her FB page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100023648522557 

or simply emailing [email protected]

1 Million Random Acts of Kindness in 30 days…that’s a pretty tall order, but Tis the season for Love, Wishes, and Miracles…so it just might happen!

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