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More than 300 sick children’s kids from, low-income families received Christmas presents this year, thanks to the annual Bellagio Hills Toys and Gift Drive and to all donors, sponsors, and guest that donated toys and gift items.

The Toys and Gift Drive at Bellagio Hills is an annual social responsibility program, this event was able to collect over 300 pcs of Toys, bags, school supplies, and clothing gift donations since November 25, 2017, during the Hotel Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Nearly 4 dozen students from the Faith School in Nagbacalan Paoay Ilocos Norte came to help and drop their gifts, some parents donated cash and hotel guests gave some of their children’s unused toys from home. “This is our big collection and wrapping day,” and “We couldn’t do it without them.” Mr. Allan Tuppil Hotel General Manager. “You don’t really think that wrapping presents is going to be super impactful,” He said, “but it will really help the sick kids who get them for Christmas. As this is an easy way to give back and it’s the perfect time of the year to do it,” Mark-Alvin Bautista Caracar said, one of the teachers of the faith school.

All the gifts that were donated to the Bellagio Hills Toy and Gift drive program were distributed on Christmas Day at the Laoag Provincial Hospital to over 100 Sick children. And on January 3, 2018 (New Year Gift Giving) distributed hundreds of Gift and Toys at the Pediatrics Ward and OPD of the Mariano Marcos Medical Center in Batac, Ilocos Norte received the gift from Bellagio Santa Clause. “Christmas is about giving, and appreciating what you have,” and “It reminds us of what really matters.”

We depend on community generosity and our guest to help us provide and collect Toys and Gift for the special needs of the sick children. A toy “really impacts healing from the very beginning,” and “It offers reassurance, something familiar, and it immediately decreases the stress and fear in the children’s patient’s room.” Bellagio Hills Owner, Mrs. Leny Raeuber said “The magic of the season comes to life when the toys are delivered to the hospital and received by the Kids. Our Bellagio Hills team goes to work, selecting individual gifts for each of the kid’s patients and distributed by our own Santa Clause to the kids on Christmas and New Year. It is remarkable. There really are no words to truly express the depth of our gratitude and the positive impact this community event makes on the patients.

Bellagio Hills Toys and Gift Drive Program was a huge success with more than 300 underprivileged children that received gifts this Holiday season. Children matter. And each year we strive to help the kids because, no one wants to be in the hospital, especially at Christmas. If this drive can brighten a sick child’s life on a special day, it’s the least we can do to support the great work already being done.”

 “The Bellagio Hills Christmas Toy Drive for Sick Children epitomizes the spirit of the holiday season that special time of year when spirits are uplifted by acts of kindness and generosity.” says Bellagio Hills CEO Mr. Michael Raeuber.

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