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Exquisite rings, which can be stacked together in 21 different ways, each time forming a distinct variation… Graceful and matchless design…. A crown as an evolving element, and a collection inspired by beauty and life around us… Crafted formula that goes deep into the roots of nature and its geometric harmony…  All this perfectly describes the Jado Crown Ring – a timeless collection by a Manhattan-based luxury jewelry designer. 

The collection is inspired by the designers’ strong beliefs in the power of love and commitment. The Jado Crown Ring expresses this ideology through four elements that can be stacked together in 21 combinations. It’s elegant, stylish, and oh so versatile; it may just be the only ring you’ll ever need. Designed to match any occasion or mood, the ring is quickly becoming the go-to piece not only for New Yorkers but for people across the globe.            

The Jado Crown Ring is composed of 12 smooth and sophisticated curves that follow numerical patterns across nature and art. As this number is found in the geometric structure of objects throughout the natural world, so is the mathematical element in the Jado Crown Ring. The stunning shape of the Jado Crown is one of the perfect natural symmetries, often called the Sacred Geometry or the Golden Ration.

Each piece is crafted in 18k gold or platinum and adorned with gem quality diamonds and precious stones, including lavish sapphires and rubies. The rings are available in yellow, rose and white gold or black rhodium and chocolate gold finish.

It’s not surprising that the creators of this sought-after marvel, which has been patented and is a trademark, have a long-time history of bringing high-end jewelry to the public. Their experiences include over two decades of collaboration with some of the industry’s most recognizable brands, such as Tiffany & Co., Bochic Co., and Mimo Co. With its inspirational legacy, Jado is becoming one of the most distinctive jewelry brands in New York.

The Jado Crown stackable rings have been featured at New York Couture Fashion Week events and at numerous elite galleries and boutiques around the United States. Best of all, the Jado Crown Ring is entirely hand-made in New York and it is gender-neutral. Truly made for any mood, occasion, or individual.

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About Jado Crown: Jado Crown is a full-service jewelry design and manufacturing company that produces artistic and unique luxury pieces since 1999. The company’s signature ring, the Jado Crown, has a unique and elegant patented design. Along with the highly customizable Crown set, Jado also features mesmerizing Aura pendants, Couture earrings and more. Each Jado collection is designed to reflect the beauty and harmony of musical expression.  For more information, or to order the Jado Crown Ring, please visit:  


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