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Have you been a regular customer at a spa massage? If not, you are missing a lot of opportunities to reward your body from the stress and other harmful toxins of the environment. Did you know that hot stone massage, a type of massage has countless benefits to offer? Aside from relieving the customer’s achy muscles, a good body massage could bring total relaxation both physically and mentally. Still not yet convinced on how effective a hot stone massage is? Let me give you a quick tour of what is hot stone massage therapy as well as the primary health benefits.

What is hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is a form of body massage that is becoming popular due to its proven health benefits. Here, the licensed body massage Miami therapist will use heated special stones and place them on the customer’s body, followed by hand massage techniques (kneading, tapping and rubbing). The special stones used for this type of massage are smooth textured stones that are normally seen on river beds. The stones contain basalt which has the ability to retain heat. Hot stone massage has long existed in China and regarded as a vital part of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Primary health benefits of hot stone massage

Now that you have a deeper understanding of hot stone massage, here are the primary health benefits that you too will enjoy the moment you succumb to regular sessions at a spa in Miami:

Relieve you from all types of body pain

Yes, this is among the major benefits of hot stone massage therapy, relieve you from all types of body pain that accumulate over time like stiff muscles and joints, back pain, shoulder pain and even pain felt inside your system. Once the heated stones are placed on parts of the body, the heat penetrates deeper than any regular massage.

Release tension on the muscles

Another awesome benefit of hot stone massage is the heat coming from the special stones targets specifically the tension on the muscles, allowing them to relax. Regular sessions of hot stone massage will not only restore the muscle’s strength but will definitely improve your range of motion and the ability to move with ease.

Boost blood circulation

The hot stone application has healing benefits, particularly to the flow of blood into our system. Availing hot stone massage is effective in improving the circulation of blood. When the blood flows freely to the vital parts of the body, it allows the oxygen-rich blood to pump properly. Improved blood circulation is needed to achieve a healthy and well-balanced body.

Calming effect

When the heated special stones come in direct contact to the skin, they have a calming effect. As the body becomes relaxed, any form of stress or anxiety is reduced. This is why people with stress will find the immediate effect of hot stones to be soothing when placed on targeted areas, making them feel more relaxed and revived to face another day.

Reduce inflammation

When the muscles feel stiff, the affected areas of the body feels sore and inflamed. Hot stones have anti-inflammatory healing benefits and when they are placed on the tensed muscles and joints, the result after this body massage session is an improvement on the range of motion or flexibility. Individuals who have been dealing with medical conditions like arthritis or joint problems could greatly benefit from a relaxing hot massage. It also helps achieve balance.

Haven’t you noticed when you feel any level of pain or discomfort due to achy muscles or joints, your mental function is also affected? You can’t focus on work or make decisions right away. Hot stone massage doesn’t only treat the body pain but also helps restore balance to your systems such as improved blood circulation and oxygen. This is why hot stone massage is regarded as a holistic approach that treats both the body and mind in order to achieve a balanced wellbeing.


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