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Chanakya IAS Academy announces an exclusive seminar for Civil Services Aspirants at Allahabad. The seminar is scheduled to be conducted on February 11th, 2018 (Sunday) from 10 am onward. The participants in this session will be addressed by successful candidates of the PCS Examination along with subject matter experts who will provide aspirants valuable insights on the PCS Exam preparation, the 3 challenging stages, services and the right preparation strategy.

Provincial Civil Services examination is an extensive exam associated with innumerable queries and doubts prevailing amongst students that need to be addressed. This seminar focuses on keeping up the spirits of the aspirants while warding off their myths & doubts associated with the PCS Examination. The speakers at the seminar will address the participants with an aim to empower their preparation with insights on the State Civil Services Exam, syllabus, stages of the exam, services allotted thereafter and all other relevant information. Subject matter experts will discuss the revised pattern and updates in regard to the PCS syllabus along with general guidance on how to handle the exam pressure. The experts and toppers of the previous year will also discuss the importance of developing the right administrative traits, right time management, intelligent guessing technique in prelims exam, and intelligent preparation with a focused and concise approach.

While in discussion with Academy Founder and Managing Director, Mr. AK Mishra regarding the seminar, he shared that, Chanakya IAS Academy has always endeavored to provide students with best Educational guidance and nurture them with the right administrative traits required to excel in Civil Services. This seminar in line with this very pursuit aims at enriching students’ knowledge about the examination, its stages & preparation for the same, warding off all the unnecessary myths associated. We have invited successful candidates in the seminar to address aspirants’ queries and help them understand the exam pattern and guide students with some valuable tips to get through all three stages of the exam. We are sure aspirants will benefit through this seminar under our able experts’ guidance. Interested candidates can simply register for the event by writing their name and contact number on Whatsapp at 972-135-2333 & 972-136-2333.” 


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