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Zyno Solutions, experts in providing intelligent IV infusion systems, will feature the Nimbus™ II Flex ambulatory infusion system at this year’s Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) 44th Annual Meeting and Cancer Business Summit.

The Nimbus II Flex comes at the right time and provides oncology practices with the right device to help maximize reimbursement. This device has a low acquisition cost, does not require the nurses’ time to track down paperwork and there is no billing contract. The practice can leverage its own internal billing structure for reimbursement. The Nimbus II Flex also provides the clinician with unique hours based preloaded protocols or preloaded practice standard protocols creating simply and accurate programming. This ease-of-use combined with auto review of the entered Rx brings another level of safety for patient care for the clinician. With intelligent device features and a flexible business model, Nimbus II Flex provides a unique system for ambulatory cancer care.

“We are excited to show our partners at ACCC and the leaders in cancer care our latest technology with the Nimbus II Flex,” said Steve Watkins, general manager and executive vice president of Zyno Solutions. “With the recent changes in reimbursement, the Nimbus II Flex helps to create an alternate model for the practice to manage their reimbursement.” 

The Nimbus™ II Flex is intended for subcutaneous, percutaneous, perineural, epidural, and intravenous infusion, including but not limited to patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) delivery in clinical and non-clinical environments, such as homes.

About Zyno Solutions

Zyno Solutions is a leader in providing IV infusion technology and is dedicated to delivering intelligent infusion systems that provide the highest quality of care and patient safety. Zyno Solutions offers technologically advanced products for the alternate care market and provides large volume infusion pumps, ambulatory infusion pumps, integrated wireless infusion systems and IV accessories. We offer cost-effective technology solutions to support our customers evolving business and healthcare needs. Zyno Solutions is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts. For more information, visit us at

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