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Is it time to sell your house? Then it’s time to think about how to get top dollar for your property.

The asking price that you might be considering now is simply the starting point.
Here are four insider secrets to prepare your digs to look incredible, without breaking the bank or
taking up too much of your time.

1. Give your home a new coat!
A fresh coat of exterior makes a home look well-kept, and adds major curb appeal! Try a new color door to catch a buyer’s eye. Paint your interior in a great neutral color to brighten and enlarge the space. This allows the buyer to better imagine their things in your house.

2. Clean and decluttered means cash!
Deep clean carpets, floors, walls, counters, drawers, ceilings and baseboards. Replace missing lightbulbs. All clutter must go! Buyers look everywhere. If you don't have a place to store your personal belongings and decorations during the selling process, consider renting a temporary storage space. When prospective buyers come through, you want them to see their new home, not your old

3. Staging
Staging is a simple and powerful tool to guarantee that you get the most money for your property. Before a showing, your house must be staged to accentuate its strongest features, using updated and designer-inspired, and possibly borrowed furniture. The more outstanding you can make your home look, the easier it will be for your buyer to visualize the extraordinary potential in the space. You want them to walk through your door and say, “Wow!” Buyers are willing to invest more in a house when they see it dressed up. Have a separate price ready for them if they want to buy your home with the staged furniture. It really works! Park Place Properties in Washington, DC sees staging as the most important thing a seller can do to prepare their home or condo for a showing.

That’ss where Roni Cohn’ss talent shines! “I work with realtor Roni Cohn every time we finish a project,” says real estate developer Stephen Maged. “After design and staging by Roni, prices automatically went up. I sold 146 units in record time with her staging expertise. I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Roni Cohn provides free staging to each and every client. Developers like Park Place Properties consider her staging skills an invaluable asset.

4. Honesty is the Best Policy
Be completely honest about your house, both with photos and the description. Using superlatives like immaculate should only be done when your property is immaculate. Using photos that don't represent what your house really looks like may lure potential buyers to your door, but it will make them feel deceived when they arrive. Use photos and descriptions that emphasize the best aspects of your home! When your potential buyers show up, they recognize the house from the photos and descriptions that piqued their interest in the first place.

Before you put your house on the market, do everything possible to get the most for your property. When you are ready for an expert to properly price your home using guaranteed to sell free staging advice, contact Roni Cohn at 954-650-8345.

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