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Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney, Rand Spear, is often asked about the restrictions on which doctors you are able to see when you suffer a workplace injury. Many people want to see their own doctor but are told they must see a specific company-chosen doctor. Here, Rand Spear explains the restrictions and what you need to do to ensure you receive workers’ compensation benefits.

You Must See a Doctor on Your Employer’s Posted List

Generally speaking, you do have to see a company-chosen doctor if you are injured at work. However, there are some exceptions.

Employers who carry workers’ compensation insurance typically have a list, or panel, of doctors posted at your workplace. These doctors must be licensed to practice medicine and be considered qualified professionals who provide competent treatment. If you are injured at work, and there are at least six doctors listed on the notice your employer has posted, you must choose one of those doctors to see for treatment of your injury – for at least the first 90 days following your injury.

After the 90 days is up, you are able to transfer your treatment to your own doctor. To do so, you have to provide notice to workers’ compensation within five days of the change of doctors.

If your employer doesn’t have a posted panel of doctors for you to choose from anywhere at your workplace, then you can choose to see your own physician immediately following your injury and have your bills covered.

You also have the right to request a change of physician after you have seen a doctor on the panel. However, a change of doctor can only be requested one time during the course of your treatment. When you submit your request, the insurance carrier has five days to choose a new doctor for you to see. If they do not do so within that time frame, then you have the right to go to the doctor of your own choosing.

Let Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Rand Spear Help You

If you have been injured at work, you do have the right to seek help from your own attorney. A workers’ compensation attorney will be able to explain your options regarding doctors, treatment, and benefits and represent your rights and best interests. Contact experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer, Rand Spear.  

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