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New York City custom jewelry studio shares how cutting-edge technology helps them create high-end jewelry pieces for designers, retailers, and private clients.

New York City, NY / May 20, 2018 / — Manhattan jewelry studio, CadCamNYC, is simplifying the jewelry design and manufacturing process using modern technology alongside their 20+ years of jewelry design and creation experience. They are able to take a custom design from an idea to a 3D model in just 24 hours, and once the model is approved, the piece moves into manufacturing and is created with the metal of choice.

How CadCamNYC Uses 3D Modeling to Create High-End Jewelry

The expert jewelers at CadCamNYC have a three-step process for taking your design from a sketch to a final product. At the heart of the process is the use of 3D technology that produces a prototype of your jewelry piece – one that you can hold, examine closely, and easily modify should you desire. The steps used to get to a final product are:

1.     It begins with an idea. Whether you have a sketch of the piece of jewelry you want to have created or it’s simply an idea in your head, CadCamNYC expert designers will work with you to create the design you envision. Once you agree on the design, a digital 3D model will be created.

2.     Next, a model is created. Using the highly-rated Projet 3500 CPXMAX 3D printer, CadCamNYC is able to bring your idea to life. Your approved digital model is used to create an exact 3D wax model of the piece that is ready for you in 24 hours. You are able to handle and examine the prototype, make changes as needed, and then move onto the final step in the process.

3.     Your piece is created. Once you approve the prototype, your piece moves into the manufacturing process, and your final, custom piece of jewelry is created.

Because 3D printing is used for creating the prototype, the whole process is streamlined, and will take far less time to have your final product than ever before. Additionally, with CadCamNYC, you never have to worry that using modern technology will replace the vital human element involved in jewelry making. The human touch, and designers’ expertise still play the principal role in the process. Your input as well as CadCamNYC’s experts’ experience and knowledge are the most important factors in the creation of your designs.

Let CadCamNYC Bring Your Custom Jewelry to Life

Whether you are a jewelry designer, retailer, or a private client, CadCamNYC values your business and your ideas. We can help you design and create the custom jewelry that you have dreamed of, to your exact specifications. Let us help you bring your ideas to life! Contact us at 212-997-1144, or complete the message form on the CadCamNYC website, and we will be in touch.

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