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For those who love hiking holidays or even those who just love spectacular views, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro can be a dream come true. With experienced local guides, the walk is as safe as can be though it is a long hike and not for the faint-hearted. However, if your intention is just to appreciate the amazing views and the grandeur of this beautiful mountain, or if you can only manage a partial Kilimanjaro climb, then there is another option: our new transfer service.

The Kilimanjaro Helicopter Transfer service, from Altezza Travel, can make your time spent climbing or visiting Mount Kilimanjaro an extremely rewarding one. Depending on your timetable our helicopter can pick you up part way through your hike and give you an experience you will never forget. We know it is a long walk, and you may not be able to manage the, on average, 7-day hike. We also know you may not have the time to complete the full journey so we offer the use of our helicopter transfer service to finish the journey for you – after which you are dropped off at Moshi, not far from the Aishi Machame hotel. Before you are taken back, however, you will get to appreciate this beautiful mountain from a bird’s eye view so you can take in the mountain paths you have just walked from a new perspective.

However, to fully experience the aerial wonder of Mount Kilimanjaro we would recommend the full excursion Helicopter Tour, which starts from $1500. This hour-long excursion starts in the early hours of the morning when the views are more breathtaking, and the weather begins to clear at Moshi Airport. You will ascend the mountain after flying right over this vibrant city, but you will get to appreciate the size and grandeur of this mountain with its trails and paths clearly visible from your viewpoint. The only place we cannot fly over is the Kilimanjaro crater which is protected but you will still be able to take in the wonder from your aerial view. You will also get to see the biggest tectonic lake of the whole Kilimanjaro area, Lake Chala, from a unique perspective. Lunch boxes and drinks are provided for your enjoyment.

About Altezza Travel

Altezza Travel has been providing African wildlife safaris, Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions, and vacations on Zanzibar island for many years and has a wealth of experience in providing these kinds of tours. We use highly experienced and professional guides who know the area well. Based near Mount Kilimanjaro, in Moshi, we are perfectly based to provide an excellent service especially being close to air services which we take advantage of. With us you can be assured that we will:

provide a high level of security?

provide experienced and professional guides, drivers and pilots?

give you a highly personal service fitted to your needs

provide you with the finest hotel accommodation.

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