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Bristlecone Shooting Range, Training and Retail Center and Kaiser Health News recently partnered on an article to drive awareness about guns and dementia. One in 10 American’s over 65 are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and 45% of that adult population are living in homes with guns. It is more important than ever to discuss gun safety.

The collaborated story with Kaiser Health News was later highlighted in the recent episode of PBS News Hour. PBS, recently did an interview with Dee Hill, one woman who nearly lost her life due to her husband, a man who suffers from dementia, accidentally shooting her. In the interview, we hear the story of a long marriage and a man very familiar with guns because of his years in law enforcement.

Currently, eleven states have laws in place, with six other considering similar legislation, allowing authorities to seize guns from those with dementia if they are deemed dangerous. But is legislation the answer?

Health care providers may be a better start. Meeting with patients and their loved ones and discussing things such as home and vehicle safety, including access to firearms, power tools, gas stoves and the like, could help raise awareness. Suicide rates by people with dementia is also growing, prompting loved ones of such patients to talk about it.

During lucid moments, discussing safety concerns, such as locking up firearms, is an important conversation to have, for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

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