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The Coffman Organization has been named as one of the Top 10 Engagement Solution Providers in 2018, by HR Tech….  The Coffman Organization’s revolutionary approach to measuring and building employee engagement in real time, the NEXUS Experience®, is more than a survey. A perfect intersection of culture and brand, the program’s culture measurement goes beyond standard measurement practices, to create a more positive and powerful experience for each employee.  Instead of simply measuring engagement, The Coffman Organization’s NEXUS Experience process actually builds it, by making the entire process more engaging.

Every employee who participates in NEXUS Experience survey receives their own, strength-based Personal Insight Report.  The Insight Report is based on the individual’s responses and confidential to the employee, but many team members choose to share their insights with team, manager and/or family.   “Your people are your culture,” says Curt Coffman, Chief Science Officer of the Coffman Organization; this process provides immediate feedback and a direct invitation to build an even better culture within the team.

The firm provides data faster and in a more useful form to managers, enabling them to facilitate the use of the data to improve the workplace/culture from survey to survey.  The Coffman Manager Connection system delivers “drip learning” and an interactive Agenda Builder to help managers avoid “analysis paralysis” and move directly to action. 

About The Coffman Organization:

The Coffman Organization, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, has been providing Integrated Consulting Services to corporate clients since 2006. Specializing in all aspects of human capital management, our consultants are experts in helping organizations build a strong, engaged and productive workplace cultures.

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