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Philadelphia, PA /January 8, 2019 / — Pennsylvania’s car accident attorney, Rand Spear, offers tips and insight on how Pennsylvanians can safely share the road with snowplows during the current winter season.

During winter, it means lots of snow for residents of Pennsylvania. Snowplows help make these dangerous conditions much safer for drivers. But, it’s important that drivers know how to exercise extra caution when they find themselves sharing the road with a snow plow.

Tips for Sharing the Road with a Snowplow

1. Give the snow plow plenty of room to operate. Due to their size snowplows can take up more than one lane, extending over the center line, so keep this in mind as you face an oncoming plow on a two-lane roadway. The same is applicable when you are following a snow plow. It’s important to leave enough space between the plow and your vehicle, as it may make unexpected turns or stops. Additionally, snowplow drivers often have a limited amount of visibility from where they sit and the space right behind the plow may be a blind spot.

2. Stay behind the snowplow. If you find yourself traveling behind a snow plow, your safest option is to stay there. They do travel at a slower speed, sometimes significantly under the speed limit, but you are far safer there than the unplowed road ahead. If you must pass a snowplow, be sure to exercise a significant amount of caution, never assuming that the plow’s driver is able to see you.

3. Drive at a safe speed. If there are snowplows out working, then you can assume that roads are not in an ideal driving condition. That means that reducing your traveling speed is the smart way to go. Snowplows are known to make sudden turns and stops, spraying clouds of snow that may obscure your visibility. Taking your time and reaching your destination safely is far more important than how fast you can get there.

Using extra caution and having patience is the key to making snowy winter roads safer for you and snowplow drivers. However, if you find yourself in an adverse weather-related car accident – with a snowplow or other vehicle – it’s important to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to protect your rights.

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