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Dallas, TX / April 3, 2019 / —  The personal injury experts at Herbert Law Group, a boutique law firm in Richardson, Texas, has announced the addition of a new article to their growing website blog. In this recent addition, their compassionate attorneys bring awareness to the sensitive subject of school bus-related accidents and communicate the importance of recognizing our individual responsibility in keeping children safe.

“School buses provide an invaluable service to our nation’s children,” says Attorney Zach Herbert, owner of Herbert Law Group. “While accidents involving school buses make up a very small fraction of traffic accidents in the United States, parents have become acutely aware of the devastation that results when one does occur.”

In their blog titled “How Each of Us Can Help Prevent School Bus Accidents” Herbert Law Group points out that fatal accidents involving school buses are less than a single percentage point of all fatal vehicular accidents. However, last year we saw a tragic streak of accidents that occurred at school bus stops — something that demands a closer look at what each person on the road can do to prevent another tragedy from occurring.

“School buses remain one of the safest methods of transporting children to and from school and school-related functions,” said Herbert. “Unfortunately, we have been made aware that our children are also vulnerable while at school bus stops. Our goal is to provide information that will make school bus stops a safer place.”

As experienced personal injury attorneys in the Dallas area, Herbert Law Group has represented victims who have been involved in all types of devastating motor vehicle accidents. They’re committed to making the roads a safer place for everyone, including children who are preparing to enter or exit a school bus.

Herbert Law Group stresses that helping to keep children safe requires little more than paying better attention while driving and respecting basic traffic laws. It’s important that every driver understand what the laws are in regard to approaching a school bus that is stopped for loading or unloading.

If your child has been involved in a school bus accident or injured while waiting at their school bus stop, the compassionate attorneys at Herbert Law Group in Dallas encourage you to contact them directly for a no-obligation consultation. You can also learn more about staying safe on the road and other important personal injury law topics on their website blog.


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