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Technology is the Holy Grail for many
of today’s companies, but according to entrepreneur Jad Mawlawi,
it’s not the key to business success. Mawlawi was recently
featured by Forbes for his crusade to lead businesses to a concept
that is disrupting the marketing scene: humanism.

In the article, Mawlawi explains how
millennials are hit by a blitzkrieg of technology every time they
pick up their phone or log onto their laptop. Visually alluring
advertisements and pop-ups fill their screens, but they are no longer
responding to the hype.

“They would go to someone they trust
before making a purchase and ask for suggestions,” said Mawlawi.
“Millennials want information prior to buying, and they want it
from a trusted source, not some unknown, never-heard-of-before

As the co-founder and CEO of an
influencer marketing firm known as Dooply, Jad
helps guide brands and individuals away from merely
pitching products and toward connecting with their target audiences
in a very human way.

“When organizations share the
ideology of a brand as a person through powerful influencers, they
win half the game,” he said. “If you fail to engage influencers
then you will have no choice but to become one and thats what Dooply
helps you achieve”

Mawlawi’s firm helps their clients
position themselves as powerful influencers on social media
platforms. They can do this by building a strong persona that people
can connect to. They can also engage their target audience through
dynamic concepts and meaningful missions rather than just products or

Mawlawi is uniquely positioned to serve
as the head of Dooply. He rose early to business success. At a
young age, he was managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of
financial assets in his native country of Lebanon. He later moved to
London and worked for Technosoft, guiding talks between several Arab
nations to advance U.S. technology in the oil and gas industries.

But Mawlawi is more than just a
brilliant business head. He is also an expert at analyzing human
beings and helping companies appeal to their needs and wants in a
changing environment.

He attributes these qualities to his
experiences in over overcoming challenges in his life. Raised in
Lebanon during a time of great economic and political turmoil, he had
to make his way against a backdrop of constant uncertainty and watch
his fellow countrymen do the same. At age 17, he was forced to
grapple with grief and changing family dynamics when his brother died
of cancer.

Stripped down to the essentials of life
in these trying times, he learned the value of human interactions.
And though the world has spun itself into a technological frenzy with
information overload, artificial intelligence, and automated
processes, Mawlawi says that the human hunger for meaningful
connections is a force that no business can ignore.

To read the full text of the Forbes
article, click
. Mawlawi has also been featured by
Idea Mensch, Total Prestige Magazine, and the “Learning from
Others” podcast. His goal is to disrupt today’s marketing scene
by bringing companies back to a more human-focused strategy that will
ultimately allow them to move ahead of the competition.

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