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Have you been dreaming of going on a safari? Safaris tend to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience people often have on their “bucket list”. Safety and preparation are critical in helping them be successful and enjoyable, which requires the support of a high-quality and knowledgeable staff, like ours at Zara Tours.

Spring is a perfect time to visit East Africa, so get your pen and paper ready to jot down what it will take to make it a vacation to remember!

The Best East African Vacations

Because East Africa has so much to offer, working with a company who can help you have the experience you desire is very important. The best vacations depend on the level of adventure and sights you’d like to see, as well as the amount of time you are able to spend there. When you consider East African Tanzanian vacation, consider:

·    Local Culture

·    Hiking (Mt. Meru, Mt. Kilimanjaro)

·    Serengeti (wildlife, birds, wildebeest migration)

·    Ngorongoro Crater

·    Zanzibar beaches

Think about what type of experience you’d like to have and look at ways to combine the areas you’d like to see with the time and budget you have available.

What to Pack for Tanzania

You will want to check luggage limits for domestic flights as you will likely be limited to 30 – 40 lbs (15-20 kg) per person. You will want clothing that provides rain, wind, and bug protection – light-weight, cool shirts and pants are best. Wear waterproof, sturdy shoes. Consider the weather and location of your travel and plan accordingly. Click here for a more detailed safari packing list.

Check for Specials

When considering your trip, look for specials on the areas you want to visit. For example, every season, Zara Tours offers discounts to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro with their Kili-Clean program. This opportunity allows trekkers to give back to the community by picking up trash left by tourism, while exploring the majesty of one the world’s largest mountains. To see other discounted options, check out Zara Tour Specials page.

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