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We’re living in a time where our life is taking place online more than ever before. With 3.5 billion internet users around the world, including 89% of adults in the US, it’s become a basic human utility.

While there are some wonderful things afforded to us in the online age, there are also many new threats. We can be exploited by criminals from the other side of the world, or spied on from anywhere, including by our own government. All kinds of companies all over the world store our personal data, putting it at risk from data breaches.

The human race needs a safe and free internet. An internet where we can go online without putting our basic right to privacy at risk, where we don’t have to live with the fear of being exploited.

That’s what David Janssen and his site VPNoverview.com
stand for.

What a VPN Does For You

As the name suggests, a large part of what VPNoverview does relates to the use of VPNs. But many may be unfamiliar with just what a VPN is, and why they’re so useful in the current day.

VPN is short for virtual private network. A VPN is a software that allows your computer to access the internet from a remote location – as opposed to the physical location you’re at right now.

Usually when you go online, people can see your IP address. An IP address is an indicator of exactly where you’re accessing the internet from right now. For those with a little bit of know-how, it’s possible to take that and not only track what you view online, but your current physical location.

This presents serious risks to safety, privacy and freedom. Criminals can track your location, and may be able to extract personal information about you. It’s especially scary when making large financial transactions online (such as using a cryptocurrency exchange, for example), when your physical safety could potentially be at risk.

Not only that, we’re also putting our freedom and privacy at risk from our own government. With regular browsing, governments can track and view our activity online, and shut down certain sites that may work against their own interests. These geographical restrictions go against what the internet is all about, and can lead to serious threats to personal liberty, as is happening in nations such as China, Iran and Turkey. Even in the US, recent controversy over net neutrality suggests they may be heading down the same path.

Using a VPN guards you against these risks. The VPN makes your IP address appear as if it’s in another location. For example, while you may be physically in the US, your IP address may come from Germany, or vice-versa. It allows you to browse anonymously, which is becoming a must in the digital age.

VPNoverview’s Solution

When you use a VPN to protect yourself online, you’re putting a lot of trust in that piece of software. So it’s important to know exactly what each VPN service does, and that it can be trusted, before you sign on.

The team of writers at VPNoverview puts together extensive reviews of major VPN providers, so consumers are able to choose a service they can trust. Their reviews go over all possible VPN features in detail, saving you the time of conducting trial and error with a service yourself. In addition, there is a section of articles on VPN usage in general, to help those who are new to the concept in setting up and installing a VPN on different devices.

While VPN services go some way to protecting us, it’s not a single solution to online safety. There are many more threats we need to be aware of, which are only solved by smart and vigilant browsing practices.

The site features a deep collection of content designed to help internet users protect themselves against various online threats. Articles cover cybercrime, malware and much more related to cybersecurity. The idea of VPNoverview is to arm us with complete knowledge about what criminals are doing to try and exploit us online, so we can take the necessary steps to keep ourselves safe.

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