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Vancouver, B.C., Canada / June 10, 2019 – “Paul Leonard, CEO of Activate Biophysics Corp., you just completed certification of your second product.  Where are you going next?” “We’re going to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska!” exclaimed Paul Leonard, CEO of Activate Biophysics Corp.

Activate Biophysics Corp. is excited to announce the successful certification of its second activity and sports supplement, SignalomTM PRO-SPORT.  Both SignalomTM products, ACTIVE and PRO-SPORT, are certified internationally by NSF Sport to be free from all banned substances and artificial stimulants.  As a result, both products are now available for sale to both active adults and to training/performing athletes. More and more professional sports leagues, like Major League Baseball, only permit the use of sports supplements by their athletes that have been NSF Sport certified.

SignalomTM ACTIVE and now SignalomTM PRO-SPORT are the only approved activity and sports supplements in the world that contain succinate and other key metabolites.  Metabolites activate much more quickly than vitamins and minerals—normally within 20 minutes. These unique metabolites help your body access energy supplies found in the liver, body fat, and peripheral tissue, which are used for daily activities, performance, recovery, mental function, and regulatory optimization.  In addition, the regulatory optimization helps the body maintain efficient use of proteins and vitamins, and helps regulate oxygen availability, blood flow, regulatory sensitivity, and neuro-muscular activity.

“Research has shown that the most powerful use of energy in the human body is a mixed aerobic-anaerobic metabolism, called the activated energy state,” explains Paul Leonard, CEO of Activate Biophysics Corp.  “Before SignalomTM, the only way to obtain this energy state was through high altitude training or extended, heavy anaerobic exercising.  Now, the substantial health benefits of the activated energy state are available to everybody.”

In December 2018, we exhibited SignalomTM ACTIVE at the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.  Later this month, we will be exhibiting SignalomTM PRO-SPORT at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Activate Biophysics Corp.

Activate Biophysics Corp. is an innovative adaptive biophysics research and development company that is pioneering a new line of activity and sports supplements, which provide performance and regulatory benefits using breakthroughs in human biophysics.

SignalomTM ACTIVE and SignalomTM PRO-SPORT are the first two products developed and manufactured by Activate Biophysics Corp.  Both of these activity and sports supplements have been designed for both the active adult and for the training/performing athlete in mind.  See our website at www.signalom.com for more information.

Activate Biophysics Corp. submitted its technology for patent protection in November 2018, and has obtained NSF Sport certification for both its SignalomTM ACTIVE supplement (November 27, 2018) and its SignalomTM PRO-SPORT supplement (June 5, 2019). 

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