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June 21, 2019 — In 1975, Former SEC staff attorney and securities counsel at Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley) Jesse Brill founded Executive Press when he published the first issue of The Corporate Counsel Newsletter. Since then, Brill was focused on providing practical guidance on legal issues involving corporate securities regulation, corporate governance, executive compensation, M&A and many other areas impacting today’s corporate practitioner. In the years that followed, Executive Press products have garnered support and loyalty from thousands of appreciative clients. 

Since then, EP has released multiple publications and products under a growing staff of experienced and trusted attorney-editors, such as The Corporate Executive Newsletter (first published in 1986), Romeo & Dye’s Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook (1991), Romeo & Dye’s Section 16 Treatise (1994) and more before launching its product websites, such as,, and

We are proud to announce that effective immediately, Executive Press, the 40+ year leader in providing interpretive legal analysis, will be known as CCRcorp.

“While our new brand color scheme and logo on our print treatises and other products has changed, this change does not reflect a change in either ownership or leadership of the company,” Chairman of the Board Nathan Brill said. “Rather, the goal of the new CCRcorp brand is to bring all of our renown products and services under one umbrella brand.”

That said, our valued clients can continue to expect the same practical knowledge, direct from the experts. Our trusted products will remain under the same authorship and will continue to provide our valued clients with expert knowledge and guidance. Our attorney-editors consist of several industry leading experts who continue to offer our customers useful, consistent, meaningful interpretation of the law to help them navigate through various complex legal issues.

CCRcorp (formerly Executive Press) will continue to provide practical guidance on legal issues involving securities regulation, corporate governance, executive compensation and many other areas impacting today’s corporate practitioner.

More than ever, we are committed to providing practical and responsible guidance. Jesse Brill has often said the acronym ‘EP’ not only stood for Executive Press but also ‘Ethical Practice’. This philosophy is paramount to CCRcorp and is built in to everything we do. We strive to do the right thing in all our activities, endeavors and advice.

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