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The GLI-19 certified casino software developed by CasinoWebScripts has been recently reviewed and has received a series of significant improvements related to its player acquisition and retention tools.

The following features are now present in the software:

-account registration rewards;
-progressive daily login bonuses, rewarding players with better rewards every day (bonus credit or free spins);
-deposit bonus codes, with parameters such as bonus limit, expiration date, fixed or dynamic value, etc.
-redeemable coupon codes with limited usage number (for example, they can be used by only 200 distinct accounts), which can grant bonus credit, freespins or tournament entries. These codes can be shared on public forums or via social media;
-special birthday bonuses which can be used by players only on their birthday;
-no-deposit free-spins with rollover applied to winnings and win limitation, as configurable parameters;
-progressive returning player rewards, designed for players that didn’t login for 30 days;
-VIP Points obtained (which can be exchanged for physical goods, credits or free-spins);
-multiple VIP Membership levels, based on total bet, granting the player access to exclusive games and bonuses;
All the bonuses can have their expiration date and rollover requirement configured from the backend panel.

The current update allows operators to grant mass-bonuses (credits or free-spins) to players meeting certain filter criteria (age, country, VIP level, returning player, etc.)

On top of this, an unique feature is available only for the games developed by CasinoWebScripts, the Casino Achievements feature, which will reward players with bonus credit for completing certain challenges in games like Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, such as winning 3 consecutive gameplays, hitting the same number twice in a row in roulette, etc.

The Casino Achievements will give to some players an extra motivation to play and win, as their names will also appear on a public hall of fame board, based on the score that they achieve upon completing a challenge.

Whether the purpose is to run a real money casino or a bitcoin cryptocurrency casino, having a complete set of player retention, acquisition and reactivation tools will play a crucial role in the success of the business.

More updates are scheduled for the remaining part of the year, including the addition of new tournament features for the video slots and card games.

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