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St. Petersburg, FL. – June 27, 2019 — Kristin Ward, VP of Sales and Processing Operations for Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp (PayKings) has been selected to serve on the Electronic Transactions Association’s (ETA) Professional Development Committee.

According to ETA, “The Professional Development Committee is responsible for recommending and directing the professional development activities and educational programming of the association through various standing and ad hoc working groups. The committee recommends and develops program content and delivery methods for seminars, training sessions, workshops, distance learning offerings and ETA University curriculum for all educational forums…”

Ward’s payments career began in 2012, prior to joining MPAC, Kristin was the manager of deployment and merchant on-boarding for Merchant Select Services, and dealt with card present merchant equipment which resulted in gaining an extensive knowledge of common processing platforms and protocols.

Kristin is excited about her most recent appointment and is looking forward to growing the committee’s professional development initiatives and programs.

Ward told us, “I’m the second member of the PayKings team to serve on a committee, and the ETA’s commitment to ongoing payments education is second to none.”

PayKings is an active member of ETA and has been a member for 4 years. For more information on Payking’s services, please visit

About Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp

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