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As parents, we have our hands full. Some of us go off to work while others do their work at home, and finding balance between our tasks, juggling kid schedules, nurturing our significant relationships, and caring for ourselves, can be tough. Some days it feels impossible. Learning what to delegate and what to handle personally is a huge step in achieving that balance.

Delegating chores to our kids not only helps us get things off our too-full plates, it also teaches responsibility and important life skills. But, how do we get our kids to do chores? Award-winning A Cleaning Service in Arlington, Virginia (serving DC, Virginia and Maryland for the past 30+ years), has some tried and true solutions that may just transfer over to your household.

Make it FUN

Kids don’t like chores because they are a chore! Make it fun by turning tasks into a contest or game. “Who can get the most toys put away in 3 minutes?” puts the spirit of competition in the hands of kids who compete to beat the clock, and their sibling(s).

Use Imitation

There is a reason that kitchen sets and toy woodshops exist – kids love to mimic adults. Use this to your advantage by putting together matching cleaning lists and cleaning supplies and let kids mimic you, then do it safely on their own.

Use Immediate Rewards

Kids aren’t great at delayed gratification, so find a way to immediately reward them for the work they do – even if it’s a coupon for ice cream on the weekend, or a “stay up an extra 30 minutes” pass. Vary rewards based on how much, or how hard the work is and watch them be self-motivated to earn the rewards they desire.


Kids want to spend time with you and they also want to have fun. Consider prioritizing what needs to be cleaned and do it together as a family, and let a cleaning service handle additional tasks so you have more time with the kids while not cleaning, or even for yourself.

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