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Sheridan, WY / September 25, 2019 / — The team at 7Stocks brings attention to two investment topics in the newest blog additions to their website. 

Dividend-Growth Income Stock to Buy for the Next 10 Years

Stock markets’ are commonly known for their volatility. Investors are familiar with this characteristic of the market and plan their investments accordingly. However, in recent times there has been a lot of alarming news about the stock market and the economy. The trade war with China has had several negative impacts on the stock market which have in turn shaken the confidence of investors.

In turbulent and confusing times such as this, investors are on the hunt for safe investments. They are very cautious about the principal they are investing in so that they don’t fall prey to the market downturn and the looming recession. Investors are automatically moving more towards dividend growth stocks and leaving behind the high-risk growth stocks.

The United States Federal Reserve’s response to the changes in the economy and the stock market was to loosen its rates.  This had a positive impact on selling pressure on dividend-growth income stocks. However, the impact has still not penetrated the different industries in the market. It is most likely that the Federal Reserve will lower the rates in September. This recent article takes a look at our opinion on a few of the top dividend-growth income stocks to buy for the next few years. 

Top 5 Under $20 Stocks to Buy for September

Choosing stocks to buy is an important step in the process of investing. Experts have several methods of analysis and projections to understand the past, present and future performance of stocks. They tend to look beyond the face value of the stocks and consider their overall performance. Hence they do not find it fitting to categorize stocks as “cheap” or “less expensive” and do not consider them while choosing stocks for their portfolio.

Therefore, while market experts are looking for a low priced stock, they consider the same parameters and trends that they would consider for other stocks at a higher price. They look for similar trends in growth, value, momentum, and suitably analyze the potential that these companies have. If post analysis and projection show several stocks under $20 could fit your requirements for investing, then why not use their low price to your advantage and invest in them?

In our opinion, stocks just under $20 have potential and could end up being a good investment decision. This article discusses our opinion on the performance of these top 5 stocks under $20 to buy in September and why they could be profitable investments. 

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