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Richardson, TX  Deep tissue massage is often confused with Swedish massage because the two techniques use similar strokes. While Swedish massage is used for relaxation and reducing muscle tension caused by everyday activities, deep tissue massage is used to treat chronic pain and other serious conditions. As with most other massage techniques, a deep tissue massage can target a specific area or the whole body.

During the massage, you may experience slight discomfort or pain as the massage therapist works on areas where there are adhesions or scar tissue. Excessive pain can hinder the effectiveness of the massage, and you should immediately inform your therapist of any pain that you may be feeling so that he or she can adjust their stroke and pressure to better fit your needs.

While a valuable treatment for many conditions, deep tissue massage is not suitable for some. Individuals with blood clots or conditions that may lead to the formation of blood clots; chemotherapy or radiation patients; or anyone who has recently undergone surgery should all avoid deep tissue massage. It is also unsuitable for pregnant women, who should seek out prenatal massage instead. 

When searching for a therapist, you should look for someone who is both licensed and experienced. Every state has its own set of regulations when it comes to the licensing of massage therapists, so you should be sure to ask about the credentials of a potential therapist before booking a session.

If you are located in Richardson, Texas, or surrounding communities, book an appointment with Kylie Ellison LMT, a massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massages. She has extensive experience as an orthopedic and medical massage therapist and has helped hundreds of people recover from chronic pain, muscle strains, and injuries through deep tissue massage.

About Richardson Massage Therapist Kylie Ellison LMT

Kylie has been a massage therapist since 2010, and has since then been providing massage therapy that fits everyone’s schedule and budget. To book an appointment with Kylie, use this form, or call (903) 521-1358. 

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