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 In an effort to enlighten and educate non-technical people about technical digital concepts, digital marketing experts in Dallas are focusing on aspects of the ever-evolving digital marketing industry in 2019.

Take a look at the crawling and indexing changes coming to the world’s most popular search engine: Google. The impactful change starting July 1, 2019, will see Google make the shift to mobile-first indexing as the default for indexing and crawling websites on the World Wide Web. Fun facts for businesses in the United States: mobile devices are now the leading source of internet traffic with experts saying mobile usage now accounts for over 80 percent of all internet usage.  

Try and think of “crawling” as how search engines scour the internet and review the words on a page to see if they are relevant to the actual website address, while “indexing,” is how search engines organize and store that information it found while crawling.  After “indexing,” a website next appears in the search results based on how relevant those words on the pages are to what a person is looking for when they type a search into Google.

“We can’t stress the impact of this change enough for businesses who only have websites that don’t support responsive web design or those without mobile versions,” said Katie Lynn a digital growth expert in Dallas, TX. “If your website only has a desktop version, you will be losing the opportunity to be discovered by millions of potential users who primarily use mobile devices for internet searches, and if you’re lacking an online presence it will leave you with zero opportunity to compete with your competitors”

What should businesses do to prepare before July 1st? Before anything else, check if your website is mobile-friendly. If your website has a responsive design, meaning it automatically adapts to whatever mobile or desktop platform it is accessed on, then you don’t have as much reason to worry about this update or change anything. On the other hand, if your site configuration doesn’t allow your website and markup to appear the same across mobile and desktop, call the digital experts at Dallas SEO agency KISS PR who also specialize in web design. Their team will be able to show you the changes your website will need to protect your search engine rankings before mobile-first-indexing is the new normal.




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