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From elaborately molded vinyl styles all the way to the Colonial Era zigzag post, fences have all been designed for privacy while deterring unwanted visitors. They have also been used to keep those cheeky neighborhood children from destroying your precious flower beds and keeping your pets from getting out of the yard.

Whatever the reasons are for installing fences for your home, you naturally should be looking for the most durable fence design. Before you set out to build fences around the enclosure of your property, we’ve put together a list of the most durable fence design materials:

  • Barbed wire — these types of fences are strictly functional, but they are affordable, effective, and easy to install. Keep in mind that many areas have limited their use to rural property while some have made them completely illegal.
  • Chain links  — among the cheapest options out there, chain link fences can also be installed on your own, but they tend to rust easily and don’t do much for privacy. 
  • Masonry  — stone, brick, stucco, and concrete fences often create a very visually pleasing aesthetic, as well as being durable and long lasting. The main drawback is that there is no way to install them yourself; professional help is required, and they can be quite costly. It is also necessary to pour structural footing below the frost line for this kind of fence due to the weight of the materials. Masonry fences can be combined with other materials such as wood and wrought iron for design, functional, or economical purposes. 
  • Treated wood  — chemically or pressure-treated wood pick or even cedar style planks are among the most popular choices in this category, and can be installed at wallet friendly costs. The treatment on these fencing materials makes them resistant to both moisture and insects. If you wish to make these even more durable, you can choose to paint or seal over them.
  • Cedar  — this particular material is considered the king of privacy fencing in the backyard. It’s long lasting with a desirable red hue, fewer knots, and tighter grain than other wood. This fencing material also promises to never shrink or warp and also naturally resists insects and decay. We would recommend that you install a cedar fence with a concrete base. 

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