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Who starts a diet on Thanksgiving? Certainly not the mass majority! But, for those who understand the premise of HCG 2.0 and how it works, starting Phase 1 of the diet with a deliciously fatty Thanksgiving meal, in order to jump-start a low-calorie diet, makes perfect sense!

So, what is HCG 2.0, and why has it gained so much popularity?

Dr. Zach LaBoube, founder of InsideOut Wellness & Weight Loss and author of HCG 2.0 – Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose: A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet, spent years researching and studying the original HCG diet, which was introduced more than six decades ago by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons. In Dr. Simeons’ manuscript, Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity, Simeons shared his discovery of how the HCG hormone (found in pregnant women), combined with a strict 500 calorie per day diet, could help people lose weight by targeting and burning unwanted fat.

“Everything I learned about Dr. Simeons’ work and the role that HCG can play in weight loss made perfect sense to me,” explained LaBoube. “But what concerned me was the universal 500 calories per day for everyone (whether you were a male or female), the limited food choices allowed on the program, the lack of protein, and the confusion surrounding the function of HCG itself,” he added. “I needed and wanted to know more.”

After years of additional research, traveling the world, and talking to experts in the field of weight loss and nutrition, LaBoube launched HCG 2.0, complete with a line of supporting HCG products and diet aids.  His unique protocol utilizes a BMR calculation that creates an individualized weight loss plan based on each dieter’s age, height, weight and gender. It also incorporates contemporary weight loss techniques such as low-carb ketosis dieting and intermittent fasting. “A lot has changed since 1954 when Simeons introduced Pounds and Inches,” said LaBoube. “HCG 2.0 is the next generation of the original HCG diet and works with everything we know today.”  

How does all of this tie into starting a diet on Thanksgiving?

Like Simeons’ traditional HCG diet, those following HCG 2.0 need to overload on fatty foods for two days in a row prior to beginning the low-calorie protocol of the diet, which lasts anywhere from 23 to 40 days, depending on one’s weight loss goals. Thanksgiving, and all the leftovers on Black Friday, are ideal days to start. 

Why indulge in fatty foods in an attempt to lose weight?

“The human body is smarter than you think,” said LaBoube. “If you suddenly and drastically reduce calories as one traditionally does with dieting, it’s very alarming to the system and your body responds by becoming even more efficient with its calories and more determined to hang on to the ones stored in fat. This is called starvation mode,” he added.

“Over-eating on fats before starting the low-calorie phase causes a temporary spike in liver enzymes which bypasses this, allowing for rapid weight loss. This is why the most exaggerated weight loss on HCG is seen in the first couple weeks of the diet. You don’t have to beat yourself up to lose weight. You just have to be smart and eat smart.”

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