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Poor metrics from tastings, samplings, and activations mean spirits and wine brands don’t know if their marketing spends meant to get “liquid to lips” are actually working. Shared Spirits, Inc. released Version 3.0 of its Shared Spirits mobile app technology on October 31st, 2019. Shared Spirits is a spirits, wine, and beer industry marketing firm specializing in the sampling, tasting, and activation segment of the beverage industry.

Shared Spirits technology has been built by Objectstream, Inc., out of Oklahoma City, OK. Shared Spirits spent years listening to experts in the marketing, distribution and sale of spirits, wine, and beer and learned there were numerous shortcomings in the area of sampling, tasting, and activations.

Metrics for measuring success in the industry are limited to case count sales. While that top line measurement is important, it doesn’t provide significant understanding of the source of topline sales success.

Compliant age appropriate marketing has been a challenge with the industry being severly limited by regulations and governments.

Shared Spirits, along with the team from Objectstream, developed technologies that provide for the following features.

Compliant Drink/Bar Credit Sharing from a Mobile App
Brand Ambassador Onboarding
Brand Ambassador Effectiveness Measurements
Event-driven Technology Integrated with Eventbrite
Full Campaign Management Integrated into the Event Experience

The Shared Spirits team and its industry advisors delivered a set of industry problems to Objectstream and their workflow, coding, and engineering team set about to design solutions for the beverage industry.  

Full sampling, tasting, and activation campaigns are possible on the Shared Spirits platform. Ranging from in-store tastings, Ambassador performance measurements, on-premise depletion target integration and most importantly, the ability to market to individuals after a tasting, sampling, or activation event are all possible with Shared Spirits technology.

Version 3.0 of the Shared Spirits app, (Apple Store Only at Present), allows for the full integration of Eventbrite events and Eventbrite registration within the mobile experience. When indivduals attend events in the Shared Spirits system, Objectstream built technologies, designed by the Shared Spirits team, allow for automated drink credits being deployed to attendees. These drink credits are targeted to on-premise accounts that are in the Shared Spirits system. Restaurants, bars, and venues are all welcome into the Shared Spirits system. Initially, Nashville, TN located venues compose the first venues in the mobile app experience.

Shared Spirits CEO, Sherman G. Mohr, a Certified Blue Ocean Strategist and tech entrepreneur in Nashville, TN states, “The new technology is a nondisruptive innovation providing significant enhanced value to suppliers and brands in the spirits, wine, and beer industry. Our technology delivers added value to suppliers, brands, and distributors by equipping in-store and on-premise sampling staff with tools that measure campaign effectiveness and post-event marketing in ways never before possible.”

Shyam Nagarajan, of Objectstream, shared his insight on the Shared Spirits build recently stating, “Shared Spirits technology is enabling innovation in a stale part of the industry. Objectstream’s global team of engineers, mobile app teams, custom e-commerce teams, and data specialists were all tasked with delivering a solution not just for Shared Spirits but for the spirits, wine, and beer industry as a whole. We feel Version 3.0 is the start of that great solution.”

Shared Spirits now seeks collaboration partners in all areas of the industry. Partnerships are being discussed with restaurant and hospitality groups, event and festival planners, alcohol distributors of all sizes, consultants, brands, suppliers, digital agencies, traditional agencies, Brand Ambassadors, Bartender Guilds, and more.

For more information on how Shared Spirits technologies serve to enhance your value proposition for your spirits, wine, and beer industry partners reach out to Shrerman G. Mohr, CEO and Founder of Shared Spirits, Inc.

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