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Dallas, TX, November 22, 2019 — With just over six weeks left of the year, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the direction of our businesses and careers in 2020. Business owners and startups in Dallas were able to do just that this weekend at the launch party of lifestyle and motivation brand Entrepaidneur, hosted in the upscale coworking space Venture X by the Galleria. 

The event included a panel of influential Dallas entrepreneurs, a selection of food and drinks provided by local businesses, a contest for one lucky startup to win three months of rent-free office space, and ample opportunities for networking among forward-thinking small business owners. A hub of creativity and insight, the turnout represented a diverse set of backgrounds and industries, ranging from real estate to haircare and even non-profits for the empowerment of minorities and women.

The highlight of the launch party for many attendees: the live panel hosted by entertainment reporter Stacie Valley on the topic of how to start and grow a business and make it profitable.

Despite coming from vastly different spheres of the business world, the five influential local business owners had similar experiences to share. 

  1. Stephany Acosta of Elevate Fitness; 
  2. Nadim Ahmed, CEO of Venture X by the Galleria; 
  3. Nubia Stephens a Lifestyle influencer, who owns Social Bakehouse Cafe in Arlington; 
  4. Tristan Thomas, owner of Tutoring Club Allen, Texas   
  5. Elizabeth Rowe, owner of the London Baker 

The panelists emphasized the importance of personal sacrifice and belief in one’s self and cited stubbornness as the most important trait in the success of a new business. 

They also drew attention to the value of knowing when to ask for help. “You have to have people you can trust,” said Tristan Thomas, whose business serves children of all ages in Collin County in tutoring and mentorship, “It’s okay to know when to delegate.”

To round out the afternoon, Venture X Dallas by the Galleria, generously offered three months of rent-free office space to the winner of a giveaway contest. Three finalists pitched their vision for how their businesses would fit into the space, while the audience was tasked with the tough job of voting for the winner. It was a close call, but in the end, Ashaunta Worley touched the hearts of everyone in the room when she explained the purpose of her foundation, Valued Woman: to “change the equation through accountability, sisterhood, and biblical principles.” Ashaunta aims to create a platform for those with limited access to find resources and support in their struggles with mental illness.

As the connections between Dallas businesses are built up, the surrounding communities will be, too. “I am proud to be a small part of a group that helps and supports entrepreneurs,” said Venture X by the Galleria CEO Nadim Ahmed, “We can only grow if our entrepreneurs grow!”

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